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St. James Staff Participate in Ribbon Skirt and Shirt Making

St. James Staff participated in a Professional Activity (PA) Day on November 10th. In addition to planning for Student Achievement, the St. James team actively engaged in culturally enriching activities, including Ribbon Skirt/Shirt making and Rock painting, coordinated by Jessie Gorman, the school’s Indigenous Support Worker (ISW), alongside her cousin Leanne.

The significance of the cultural background was explained for both activities and, fostered collaboration among staff while enabling them to forge numerous connections throughout the day.

“Incorporating Indigenous culture into our school community is an ongoing endeavour, embraced wholeheartedly by every member of our team,” says Jessie. “We recently devoted some time on our PA day to foster an understanding of Indigenous histories and culture, which is important in strengthening our school’s overall dedication to Truth and Reconciliation. The cultural learning on this day resonated deeply throughout staff and showcased the strong and genuine commitment St. James has for Truth and Reconciliation.”

During lunch, staff members enjoyed each other’s company while savouring homemade corn soup and Nish tacos. This shared experience not only nourished bodies but also strengthened the bonds within the team.

“The day showcased our commitment as Catholic Educators, blending professional development with cultural understanding. It was a day of learning, bonding, and living out our mission/vision as Catholic Educators.” Say’s Principal David Soehner.

Sudbury Catholic Students in grades 7-12 join Skills Ontario’s Discovery Day

Over 250 Sudbury Catholic Students in grades 7-12 joined Skills Ontario’s Discovery Day to learn about the incredible career opportunities that exist in skilled trades and technologies. Through the virtual  conference,  students were able to visit exhibitor booths and hear from local industry, educational and community service provider experts about careers, pathways and government incentives. 

Kent MacNeill Grade 7 & 8 teacher at St. James Catholic Elementary school shared, “I feel that it’s important to engage students with the trades at an early age so that they may choose courses and take advantage of programs like OYAP.  As a student at Manitouwadge High School, I was fortunate enough to be able to take Co-Op with the ambulance service and that led me to obtain certification and be employed at the age 18 as a part-time paramedic”.

Dan Levecque, OYAP and COOP coordinator for Sudbury Catholic Schools, was one of the education panelists who explained the benefits of employment in the skilled trades, as well as the variety of educational programs at Sudbury Catholic that prepare our students for their career destinations.

To learn more about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, Specialized High Skills Major, Dual Credit and Cooperative Education programming at Sudbury Catholic Schools visit our website at: Secondary Specialized Programs or contact

St. James Students Participate in Live Inspirational Talk with Dr. Jane Goodall

Students in Mr. MacNeill’s grade 7 & 8 class signed up for the annual Take Me Outside for Learning Challenge. The challenge is a commitment to ongoing outdoor learning throughout the school year.  Mr. MacNeill, his students and 700 000 other students across Canada made the commitment to learning outside at least one day per week.

This year marked the 11th annual Take Me Outside to Learn Day and in partnership with Canada’s Non-profit Outdoor Learning Store and MEC, they hosted a full week of speakers, activities and events that not only engaged students but deepened their connections with Indigenous perspectives, strengthened their health and well-being with outdoor learning, and increased their knowledge on climate change and the environment. 

On Thursday October 21st, Mr. MacNeill’s class along with seven hundred classes across the country were excited to participate in a live inspirational talk and Q&A with Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. Dr. Goodall spoke about growing up without television and social media and how she spent most of her time outdoors. She stressed the importance of living in harmony with nature as it improves our mental well-being.

The Jane Goodall Institute explained the opportunity for students to participate in their Roots & Shoots funding program. Roots & Shoots focuses on Jane Goodall’s inspirational message of hope, reminding participants that every individual is important and every individual can make a difference. Through a unique 4-step program, educators lead youth from inspiration; to mapping their community for sustainability issues for people, animals and the environment; to taking action to solve those issues; and then celebrating the impact they have made. Through this journey, youth are engaged to take action on sustainability issues and become compassionate leaders.

We can’t wait to hear about the action project ideas that Mr. MacNeill’s class will discuss next week!

For more information about this initiative please visit Roots and Shoots or for additional support in filling out an application contact:

Students in Mr. MacNeill’s grade 7 & 8 class listen to Jane Goodall speak as part of the 2021 Take Me Outside for Learning Challenge!
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