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Boost French skills: Canadian Parents for French Ontario provides free programs for FSL students

Canadian Parents for French Ontario is offering FREE French enrichment programs funded by the Ministry of Education for FSL (French as a Second Language) students from SK to Grade 12. The program is offered after school in May at 4:00pm, 5:00pm or 6:00pm, featuring a daily 45-minute class over a two-week session. Virtual Programs will be led by OCT certified teachers or Teacher Candidates in an Ontario Bachelor of Education program. Register here for our programs in May today!

May Program Registration – Canadian Parents for French

Immaculate Conception Shines at CPF Concours Oratoire 2024

Grade 6 students studying Core French at Immaculate Conception school in Val Caron, recently participated in the “Canadian Parents for French Concours Oratoire” (public speaking contest) and they did great! Mme Merotto prepared them for the task with instructional materials provided by CPF, they practiced and then presented to the class.

Pictured are the winners from the 2024 contest!

2022-23 Director’s Annual Report

We are very pleased to present the Director of Education’s Annual Report for the 2022-2023 school year

We thank our Board of Trustees, Senior Administration, staff, students, families, volunteers, community partners, and our parishes for their continued support and commitment to Sudbury Catholic. Together we are providing a caring, progressive, high quality Catholic school system that is nurturing our students – mind, body, and spirit.

Click here to read our 2022-23 report!

Rams Celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day!

The Rams had a blast celebrating French culture in light of la St. Jean Baptiste day on June 24th with a neighbourhood parade, and some classes got to enjoy some poutine with “pudding chomeur” to continue with the French culture. Thank you Mme Hawthorne and Mme Winn for organizing!

Holy Cross Students Participate in French Speaking Contest!

French Immersion students at Holy Cross School participated in the Canadian Parents for French public speaking contest and it was a great success! This contest highlights the tremendous ability of our immersion students to communicate in French and is a testament to the amazing support the teacher and school is providing.

View the student videos below!

Angela Tripodi – First Place

Maryse Tano – Second Place

Julianna Zito – Third Place

Ma Francophonie, j’y tiens!

We are proud of our Francophone heritage.

On September 25th, 2022, Sudbury Catholic Schools celebrated Franco-Ontarian Day! This celebration is an annual opportunity to learn about Franco-Ontarian culture and history in real life and bring awareness to this wonderful community on an occasion that combines education, fun, language, and history. As the number of FSL students and families continues to grow, it is important for Sudbury Catholic to infuse French Culture into the classrooms.

In our video that highlights our Franco-Ontarian celebrations, we use the phrase, “Ma Francophonie, j’y tiens!”, which translated from French means, “We are proud of our Francophone heritage!” 

In addition to annual celebrations, FSL teaching and learning is being further supported in our community through our FSL Plan. One of the most important goals of Sudbury Catholic School’s three-year FSL Plan is improving student confidence and proficiency. We’re committed to providing french language learners with the support they need, and to continue to offer programming that is evidence-based and engaging.

“With what we currently know about how kids learn to read, our Board has committed to shifting from a balanced to a structured literacy approach. Structured literacy provides explicit instruction of the key components of literacy so that students develop excellent pre-reading and reading skills. This approach also guarantees early identification of students at-risk through assessment. The best interventions can then be used to support and move students along. With purposeful reading instruction and interventions, students will demonstrate increased achievement in the FSL program. Literacy leads to proficiency, confidence, and an enthusiasm for life-long learning. And that’s the best gift of all” – Camille Heaton, FSL Consultant. 

Students and Staff Embrace Franco-Fun Day

Staff and students took part in Franco- Fun Day: a day dedicated to celebrating French language and Franco-Ontarian culture! Here are just a few ways our schools joined in on the fun:

  • St. Charles College students were treated to a live concert by Steph Paquette!
A man plays a song on-screen.
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School staff and students got into the spirit by wearing white and green in honour of the Franco-Ontarian flag.
a collage of students and staff wearing white and green.
  • Immaculate Conception Catholic School students participated in a workshop by Ariko. They loved learning how to play the spoons and learning the dance steps. They listened to the song Mon beau drapeau and discussed the meaning of the Franco-Ontarian flag. The students then drew their own flag while listening to les chansons à répondre!

Canadian Parents for French Offering Programs This Spring

Canadian Parents for French Ontario is offering free French virtual programs for students from Grade 1 to 12 funded by the Ministry of Education from May to August to support French as a Second Language students.

Click the link below for more information about this exciting opportunity!

Free French Virtual Programs

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