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Bus Transportation Cancelled


Due to poor road conditions and in the interest of safety, all school related transportation services for English Catholic, English public, French Catholic and French public schools, operating in the districts of SUDBURY, ESPANOLA, MASSEY AND MANITOULIN, (this includes all areas such as St-Charles, Noëlville, Monetville, Markstay, Hagar, Warren, Wahnapitae, Coniston, Killarney, Whitefish, Whitefish River First Nations, Manitoulin Island, Onaping, Chelmsford, Capreol, Valley East, Garson, Chelmsford and Azilda) are cancelled today. All schools will remain open, however, NO transportation will be provided.

Parents who transport their children to school are reminded that they must pick their children up at the end of the school day.

All staff are expected to report to work.

Learn About Secondary Programming & Get Prepared For The Future With Xello!

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board Parent Involvement Committee is excited to announce the next session for our Virtual Engagement Series for Parents & Educators. Please see the attached poster to learn more about our upcoming sessions. 

Next Session: Steps to Success: Exploring Secondary Programs and Pathways

Join us Wednesday, March 30th from 6-7 pm on Zoom to learn about secondary programming and the many options that are offered. SCDSB will take you on a virtual journey examining De-Streaming, fantastic opportunities in secondary education, and how to get future-ready with XELLO. XELLO is an engaging university/ college and career readiness software that unlocks every student’s potential by opening their eyes to endless possibilities.

Registration is required to attend this event. Sign up now and get ready to learn, and make a difference for yourself and others. At the end of the session, students, parents, and educators will confidently walk away with the knowledge and ability to navigate secondary and post-secondary opportunities better than ever before!

Event Poster

Give Feedback for Sudbury Catholic Schools 2022-23 Community Budget Consultations!

In preparation for Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s annual budget discussions, we are asking members in our community to identify areas that have been working well and those that are their top priorities for the next school year. By supplying feedback, it will provide Sudbury Catholic Schools the input we need to help guide our planning for the 2022-23 budget. The deadline to submit your feedback is April 8th, 2022. To help us gather feedback, we are using the online tool, ThoughtExchange.

It is extremely important that everyone has a chance to share their perspective as it will help us to understand what’s most important to the school community. Please visit the link below to share your thoughts.

Feel free to include as many thoughts as you like. Click the Participate button to share your thoughts and then rate at least 20-30 of the thoughts that others have shared. Please come back often until April 8th to rate new ideas.

Quick Tips:

  1. This exchange is confidential. Your thoughts will be shared, but not your identity.
  2. Please be polite and respectful as you share and rate thoughts.
  3. If you see a thought that is rude, hurtful or identifies a person or group, you can report it by clicking in the upper right corner of the thought. 
  4. You do not need to rate all thoughts in this exchange. It is appreciated and recommended to rate around 30 over the time the exchange is open.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board appreciates your input. By helping us today, you make a difference in the planning of our future.

Learn About Cyber Safety At SCDSB’s Parent & Educator Virtual Series!

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board Parent Involvement Committee is excited to announce the return of our Virtual Engagement Series for Parents & Educators. Please see the attached poster to learn more about our upcoming sessions. 

Next Session: Cyber Safety

Join us Wednesday, March 23rd at 6-7 pm on Zoom for our first session, “Cyber Safety,” led by one of the industry’s foremost experts, Danny Pehar. 

As the architect for the Cybercrime Equation, Danny works closely with the Toronto Police Cyber task force and the FBI cyber task force to help control cybersecurity. His extensive cybersecurity knowledge, combined with his extensive background as a best-selling author, comedian, and motivational speaker will garner an experience you do not want to miss. Registration is required to attend this event. Sign up now and get ready to laugh, learn, and make a difference for yourself and others. By attending this session, you will learn how to safely protect yourself, your colleagues and your family from digital threats.

Event Poster

Sudbury Catholic Schools Stand With Ukraine!

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board was invited, along with other partners in education across the province, to take a stand on Thursday, March 10, 2022, as “#StandWithUkraine Blue and Yellow Day”. On this day, students and staff were encouraged to wear blue and yellow clothing and, where possible, donate a toonie to the “Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.”

We were grateful we could join together as a Board and take a united stance with our colleagues and students across the province by sharing our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this ongoing tragedy. We began our day by coming together in a system-wide prayer for peace. Together, we prayed for those impacted by this invasion and for a quick resolution to the conflicts, destruction, and deaths being experienced by the people of Ukraine. We prayed for peace, and we prayed for God’s love to shine through and touch the hearts of everyone on this earth. We invite you to continue to pray with us by using our system-wide prayer.

In addition to participating in the province-wide blue and yellow day, Sudbury Catholic students, staff, and families have actively created ways to support and stand with Ukraine. Schools have hopped right in to provide support by developing fundraisers, participating in various awareness activities, inciting prayer, etc. We are proud to take this time to highlight a sample of some of the different types of actions completed by members of our community.

Secondary Highlights

St. Benedict

Students in the learning support program at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School, created Ukrainian themed keychains. After completing their keychains, these gifts were hand-delivered to members of their community.

In addition to creating Ukrainian themed keychains, St. Benedict chose to #StandWithUkraine by hosting a blue and yellow dress-down day on March 9, 2022. On this day, they managed to raise $2600 to support Ukrainian Humanitarian Efforts. We want to provide a special shout-out to the student council who originally came up with the idea of this day and members of faculty, including Joanne Burke, James MacNeil and Megan McMillan, who helped organize this effort. Fantastic job, Bears!

Marymount Academy 

MMA faculty wear blue and yellow in support of Ukraine!

MMA regals wore blue and yellow in solidarity with other Catholic schools across the province, and thanks to the donations, the school raised $500 as a school community. Classes also created blue and yellow cranes to show their support.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 11.06.18 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 11.08.27 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 11.27.23 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 11.27.40 AM
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Bishop Alexander Carter

In addition to having a dress-down day for students and staff at Bishop Alexander Carter, their school community raised donations by offering pizza concessions to help further their actions and raise even more proceeds to stand with Ukraine. All proceeds from these fundraising efforts will be donated to #HELPUKRAINENOW. 

St. Charles College 

Cardinals swapped their red uniform to participate in Thursday’s blue and yellow day. In addition to showing support through their clothing, students in Ms. Dzuirban’s class created a beautiful poster supporting the people of Ukraine!

Elementary Highlights

St. Paul

St. Paul Students take time to snap a shot during #StandWithUkraine Blue and Yellow Day!

St. Charles

St. Charles School in Chelmsford paused took a second to pause and show off their blue and yellow attire that demonstrates how they are standing in solidarity with those in Ukraine. Rams of all shapes and sizes were happy to support and make donations to support Ukraine in their school’s worthy cause. 

St. Francis 

Students and staff at St. Francis School had a Canada Day-themed spirit day. They thought it was imperative to highlight that they stand with Ukraine as Canadians and as St. Francis Flames. Together as a school community, they jointly raised $408 for the families of Ukraine.

St. John 

In addition to wearing blue and yellow in solidarity with other Catholic schools across the province, St. John School ran a “Popcorn for Peace” campaign from March 7 – March 10. With a goal in mind to raise $1000, their school community quickly jumped up, or should we say “popped up,” to meet the challenge. Offering popcorn sacks for a minimum donation of $2.00 per bag, their school community amazingly raised $1250 in just four days. The only thing that makes this news better is seeing so many smiling faces. Knowing this money is being donated to St. Mary’s Catholic Ukraine Church to help Ukrainian people makes us smile as well. Go, Jaguars, go!!

Students in St. John’s English FDK class created blue and yellow flags in honour of the people in Ukraine. They learned that different flags represent different places in the world and that right now, the Ukrainian flag is a symbol of people who need our prayers. 

Holy Trinity

Students at Holy Trinity showed their support for friends in Ukraine during Winter Fun Day on March 10. Ms. Skelly’s class made a fantastic sign in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. A donation jar was also created in blue and yellow, resulting in a $331 donation generously brought forward by various students, staff and parents at Holy Trinty. Good job Redbirds!

Holy Cross

Holy Cross has been very busy. Grade 6 students Abigail and Sara approached the school with what they could do to help. Putting their heads together, they decided that they would be able to help Ukraine by constructing and selling blue and yellow hand-made bracelets and pins for their school community. This amazing act not only provided a fun and visible way for the girls to raise money for donations, but it was also a beautiful concept that utilized their existing talents to help Holy Cross School stand in support with the people of Ukraine. 

“I really wanted to help the people of Ukraine, and making pins and bracelets is one of the ways I knew I could help”. – Abigail Debruyn, Grade 6 student at Holy Cross

After countless hours of hard work, Abby and Sara’s beautiful bracelets and pins were up for grabs, and their fellow students were quick to swipe them. Both staff and students eagerly lined up in the front-hall entrance to make their donations. The girls also passed around the school at lunchtime to ensure everyone had an opportunity to donate and recieve a pin or bracelet. Thanks to the efforts of these extraordinary young leaders, Abby and Sarah were able to raise $2252.05 that will be donated to St. Mary’s parish, who will, in turn, donate the money to humanitarian efforts. 

“I want to help in any way I can because it is the right thing to do”. – Sara Wolski, Grade 6 student at Holy Cross

In addition to Sara and Abby, students at the school continued to support the Ukraine campaign by baking and decorating cookies. The Ukrainian themed cookies were sold door to door and helped raise an additional $450. Holy Cross would like to thank everyone who took the time to generously donate their time, talents, and monetary funds to support Ukraine. Thanks to the efforts of many caring individuals, their community was able to stand with Ukraine during and promote peace. Students and staff plan to continue to stand with Ukraine by wearing their bracelets and pins as support.

We all have a responsibility for peace!

At Sudbury Catholic District School Board, we follow and promote the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations. The Ontario Catholic School Graduate is a responsible citizen who gives witness to Catholic social teaching by promoting peace, justice and the sacredness of human life. This involves acting morally and legally as a person formed in Catholic traditions, witnessing Catholic social teaching by promoting equality, democracy, and solidarity for a just, peaceful and compassionate society, and respecting and affirming the diversity and interdependence of the world’s peoples and cultures.

There have been countless examples of how different communities exhibit this expectation and stand with the people of Ukraine during this time of need. It is our sincere hope that by highlighting some examples of how our schools have supported Ukraine, we can continue to work together as responsible citizens on this earth and inspire others to stand in solidarity to end the violence and suffering for the people of Ukraine.

Upon its completion, St. Charles College students proudly showed off their Stand With Ukraine poster.

Sudbury Catholic School Students Raise $3350 for Habitat For Humanity!

Last month, over 300 Sudbury Catholic School students in Grades 4-6 used their critical thinking and innovation to submit entries in the forms of essays, stories, and poems on the topic of what HOME means to them as part of the Meaning of Home Contest sponsored by Chapman’s Ice Cream.

For every entry a student submitted, Chapman’s pledged to make a $10 donation on behalf of that student to Sudbury’s local Habitat for Humanity organization to help build safe and affordable homes for families in the Greater Sudbury community. 

With this contest, our students helped to build safe homes, but they also gained greater awareness surrounding the national issue of Canada’s housing crisis that so many families struggle with all over Canada. By working together to make a local difference, our students were able to see how they can contribute to building a just society for others and grow as leaders in learning and faith.

As a result of the hard work and efforts completed by staff, educators, and elementary students, Sudbury Catholic Schools collectively raised $3350 to be donated to the Local Habitat for Humanity Chapter by Chapman’s Ice Cream.

“It was exciting to provide our learners with a meaningful activity that supported them into becoming more advanced writers. These writing tasks not only challenged our students to make a difference in the world around them by thinking creatively about the topic —the meaning of home— it showed that by working together, a simple action can produce extraordinary results.” – Peter Prochilo, SCDSB Superintendent of School Effectiveness 

In addition to helping families in Greater Sudbury, the contest was an opportunity that helped students live out and apply the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations – important principles that support Catholic students in becoming more responsible citizens and collaborative contributors in the community. The success of the contest clearly demonstrated how Sudbury Catholic School students understand these expectations and how to apply them in their life and in their education.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board would like to thank all of our teachers and students for participating in this initiative. Collectively, our actions at Sudbury Catholic Schools resulted in a $3350 donation, but as a country we raised over $130,000 in corporate donations! Please refer to the Meaning of Home Thank You Letter! 

We invite you to check out some of the wonderful entries submitted by our students!

Sudbury Catholic School Entries

Grade 4 Christians Remote Learning School

Grade 6 Max V St. Paul Catholic Elementary School

When someone asks what HOME means to me one word comes to mind. LOVE. Home is where my mother and brother live with me.  What makes our home special is that my mother has worked so hard to design a new home that meets our needs.  From the day we hammered the SOLD sign in the ground till the day we moved in we visited it each and everyday to see its progress. When I am older, I want to be an architect, so I helped my mom design the house and worked with the blueprints. I even got to design my very own secret room downstairs. It was a ton of fun! 

My home is not a place. Home has feelings. Feeling like relaxation, comfort, happiness and love. Home is where my family comes to visit, eat and spend time together. A home is where I can build memories and since our home is new the possibilities are endless. I am excited.  

My home smells of fresh baking, homemade pasta sauce, a special candle or a fresh load of laundry.  When I enter the doors of my home I take a deep breath and smile.  

My home is a place where we can all wind down sit on the couch in front of our fireplace and talk about how our day was. My home is where I can be myself. If I want to listen to my Genesis vinyl full blast I can.

I am so lucky to have a caring home filled with LOVE.

Grade 4 Fiona Remote Learning School

St. Benedict Diversity Club Helped All Students Learn More About Black Culture During Black History Month!

African American history, contributions, and achievements are recognized annually across the United States and Canada during Black History Month. Sudbury Catholic Schools recognize it as an important opportunity to craft meaningful experiences to allow both the school and Sudbury community to honour the tradition of black culture and understand its importance in our education every day.

Throughout February, students, educators, faculty, social workers, and more have participated in various events, initiatives, and activities centred on bringing awareness towards the impact and infinite legacy of Black History both in and outside the classroom.

We are pleased to share the many outstanding efforts that have been exercised on behalf of St. Benedict’s Diversity Club. The club, which the school organizes, is comprised of students, administration, and St. Benedict Indigenous Support Worker (ISW), Shannon Agowissa.

This vital group has gone above and beyond, planning several events throughout February to help proudly share information on cultural appreciation versus cultural appropriation. These diverse and informative events were completed in an effort to teach the student body and the community what is considered acceptable and help them learn more about black-culture.

One of the events they celebrated was “embrace your family heritage and dress in your cultural attire day”. Followed by this event was “celebrating and affirming your identity with your favourite hairstyle.” The goal of these events was ultimately to educate students and staff on the history of hair in African culture and the cultural attire and its significance.

In photo: (From left to right) Hillary Duong, Oseirudute Okojie, Tiara Esan, Olamide Fadahunsi (in the front row) Helen Bao Nguyen and Nifemi Boamah with their artwork representations of what hair and attire mean to them and their cultures.

Nifemi Boamah is a student and member of the club and has expressed the impact on what the days mean to her and what it could mean to others. “If I wear my curls out, I feel courageous.” – Nifemi Boamah

Pictured: Nifemi Boamah

As she displays her breathtaking artwork and showing off the gorgeous curls, we can truly feel the strength of her powerful statement. In the past, curls were deemed untamed and shameful. Though we know this is untrue, we recognize that the past is a part of human history, and it remains influential in our lives today. Having representation, visibility, and understanding of culture is essential for education. By providing these events, schools can cultivate a period of reflection that transforms thinking and grows a school community into being more present, respectful, and culturally and socially aware.

Overall, we are incredibly proud to see the amazing way St. Benedict’s Diversity Club has made an integrative effort to teach and accentuate the history of black culture, by creating events that help other races express other cultures as well. These type of activities show what wonderful global leaders we have at St. Benedict and at all Sudbury Catholic Schools.

Get the latest on what’s happening!

To see how other Sudbury Catholic Schools celebrated Black History Month, we encourage you to check out social media. School social media accounts are available on each school website. To navigate to a school website, please see our List of Schools.

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Sudbury Catholic Schools Gather Together For A Virtual Ash Wednesday Service

Our Lenten journey began on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022, with Ash Wednesday! Sudbury Catholic District School Board honoured the start of this season with a morning prayer service. Our church tradition shares that on Ash Wednesday, we are invited to be marked with the sign of the cross on our foreheads. This symbolizes our understanding that we make mistakes and that we will take this time of Lent to grow in holiness, so we are prepared to celebrate Easter with great joy. Bishop Thomas Dowd also joined us and reinforced this message, reminding us that Lent is a time to make our hearts a worthy place for the Holy Spirit to live.

The day was also one where we joined in prayer for the situation in Ukraine. Pope Francis sent out an invitation for the world to join together for a Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace. He asked that we especially pray for those suffering, be aware that we are all brothers and sisters, and implore God for an end to the war.

For those members of our community who were unable to attend our service yesterday, you can still participate by watching a virtual recording of our Ash Wednesday service. We’ll also continue joining together for prayer on Monday mornings. We invite you to view the following poster to see a schedule of our future virtual prayer services taking place throughout Lent.

Lent Poster

Schedule of SCDSB Prayer Services For Lent

Picture Gallery

Join the Spring Daily Discover Series for Grades 4-6 Students

Still time to Register for the next Series!

This spring, SCDSB Grades 4-6 students are invited to spend time exploring their surroundings, out of their seats and discovering the amazing world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) during the Spring Daily Discovery series.

Join Let’s Talk Science Experts for a week of daily hands-on activities using easy-to-find materials. 

Each day, teachers and/or participants will receive an email with a video demonstration and description of a fun, hands-on STEM activity that can be done at school or at home. Material lists will also be shared with you by email one week in advance of your week.

Check out students in Ms. Cipressi’s Remote Learning Class who made “lava lamps” while learning about the concept of density and making something beautiful at the same time. 

Watch Dahlia’s video as she does the experiments from home!

In this video she states that she likes science and that this experiment was fun! Dahlia just can’t wait to learn about tomorrow’s experiment!

Please note that each week will have the same daily activities. Register for the time slot that works best for your schedule, or enjoy the content multiple times over the spring!

Activities will include exploring Density, Wind, Chemical reactions, Binary code and Non-Newtonian fluids! 

There is still time to register for the next session! Please see the dates.

This activity series is available during the following weeks:

  • February 28 to March 4 
  • March 7 to March 11
  • March 14 to March 18
  • March 21 to March 25
  • March 28 to April 1
  • April 4 to April 8
  • April 11 to April 15
  • April 18 to April 22
  • April 25 to April 29
  • May 2 to May 6

Daily Themes and Material

Activity 1: Density

Materials (per youth participant): Water, food colouring, vegetable oil, a clear cup or container, and Alka-Seltzer (or baking soda and vinegar)

Activity 2: Wind

Materials (per youth participant): Square piece of construction paper, pencil with an eraser on top, thumbtack, scissors, tape

Activity 3: Chemical Reactions

Materials (per youth participant): 

• Experiment 1 (Mystery Substances): A clear container, sugar, baking soda, flour, water, vinegar

• Experiment 2 (Elephant Toothpaste): ½ cup hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup dish soap, 1 tablespoon (or 1 packet) of yeast, an empty bottle, a mixing cup, and warm water

Activity 4: Binary Code

Materials (per youth participant): Binary key worksheet, 3 colours of beads, string, pen or pencil, and scissors (Alternative supplies: 3 coloured pencils, binary key worksheet, and paper)

Activity 5: Non-Newtonian Fluid

Materials (per youth participant): Container or bowl, corn starch, cup of water, mixing spoon, measuring cup, food colouringFor more information or support contact

Register Now! E-mail Copied to Clipboard