Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Student Senate

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board values student voice and recognizes the power students have to effect positive changes in both their schools and their local and global communities. It is this underlying belief in the powerful role of students as change agents that drives the work of the SCDSB Student Senate.

Student Senate Members

The members of the Student Senate, a collection of several student representatives from each of our four secondary schools, work to amplify the voice of students and bring it into the boardroom. These representatives sit on their respective school student councils and meet regularly to discuss education issues, share information about student activities through networking with students from other SCDSB schools, and collaborate to organize student-led initiatives.

These meetings are chaired by the Student Trustee who relays a board-wide student perspective to the Board of Trustees to ensure that students are being represented in board decision making. The SCDSB Student Senate is instrumental in helping us to offer strong programs that meet the needs of our learners.

Student Senate members for the 2022-2023 School Year include:

  • Jack Gouchie
  • Ruby Doyle
  • Christine Madrid
  • Emma Belli
  • Israel Doodnath
  • Catena Hayden
  • Ava Leveque
  • Morgan Shepherd
  • Odosa Oriakhi
  • Maren Jensen
  • Julia Parenteau
  • Ava Derro
  • Emily Costigan
  • Josefa Quintana
  • Khimberly Williams
  • Camilla Finley
  • Adriana Macneil
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