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St. Benedict Educator Receives Science Ambassador Award

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is excited to announce that Erika Weber, a St. Benedict grade 8 teacher, was recently honoured with the 2024 Science Ambassador Award by the Sudbury Regional Science Fair.

The Science Ambassador Award recognizes educators who exhibit extraordinary commitment to promoting participation and excellence in science fairs among their students. Mrs. Weber’s continuous passion for STEM education has propelled her students to new heights of achievement, inspiring them to explore, innovate, and succeed in scientific inquiry.

Nominated by St. Benedict Vice Principal Mr. G. Kent Macneill, Mrs. Weber stood out specifically for her support in engaging students in scientific exploration beyond the classroom. She was celebrated at the Sudbury Regional Science Fair Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 7, at Laurentian University.

This prestigious award underscores the importance of dedicated educators in cultivating a passion for science and inquiry-based learning. The Sudbury Catholic District School Board extends our congratulations to Mrs. Weber for her achievement highlighting her outstanding commitment to nurturing students’ scientific curiosity and critical thinking. Her efforts are instrumental in shaping future scientists and innovators. Congratulations!

Leading with Kindness: The Sudbury Catholic District School Board Recognizes This Year’s Winners for the Chairperson’s Award 

Each year, the Sudbury Catholic District School Board recognizes employees who embody the Board’s mission, vision and values. The Board is pleased to recognize Maurice Martin and Sheri Neuts as the two recipients of the 2023 Chairperson’s Award.  

Maurice Martin is a Grade 2 Teacher at St. John School. He is described as a positive, kind, and generous teacher and is well recognized by the students, staff, and families as a leader. Maurice fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity – he ensures that all students feel welcomed and valued. As a teacher, he leads by example and teaches his students how to be collaborative contributors and a responsible and caring member of society. Maurice is also seen as an active member of the St. John School community – he is regularly involved in planning faith celebrations, assisting with school assemblies, and organizing special events such as Franco Fun days. He continually supports his colleagues and always makes time to listen, lend a hand, share a story, and have a laugh. Maurice makes learning fun for all and is well respected by all who work and learn alongside him. 

Sheri Neuts is an Educational Assistant at St. Charles Elementary School in Chelmsford. Sheri is seen as the ‘face of friendship’ at the school and her loyalty, kindness and sincerity have resulted in long lasting connections with students, staff, and families throughout the years. She is credited by her colleagues for creating a safe space for learning. Sheri works hard each day to showcase and celebrate the unique gifts and talents of all students. Whether helping to organize a collaborative school activity, or dedicating extra time to learning how she can support students – Sheri is aware of the needs of the students and her fellow colleagues. She is the first person to volunteer to organize an event or assembly and is always available to support staff members. Sheri’s positivity and generous spirit shines through, and she is an invaluable member of the St. Charles School community. 

“We are very honoured to celebrate this year’s Chairperson’s Award recipients. As Board Chair, it is such a privilege to take the time to recognize Maurice and Sheri – both of whom are well-respected by their school communities and by the Board as a whole,” said Michael Bellmore, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “They each embody our mission and vision effortlessly, and are proof that leading with kindness and generosity creates a more positive and nurturing learning environment for all. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we thank all those who nominated individuals this year, and we are especially grateful to our two recipients for their ongoing commitment and service to our school system and to Catholic education.” This year’s award winners will be recognized at the annual Employee Recognition Event happening on June 6, 2023.

St. Benedict Teacher Chosen to Take Part in the Leader Training Program Presented by Let’s Talk Science 

 Erika Weber, Science Teacher at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School has been selected for the Teacher Leader Training Program offered by Let’s Talk Science for the 2023-2024 School Year. 

The Teacher Leader Training Program is a professional development opportunity for teachers looking to help other educators deliver enriching learning in the classroom through STEM. A Teacher Leader is responsible for the following: 

  • • Support educators in STEM-based learning and teaching. 
  • • Join other Teacher Leaders from across the country to form a community of best practices. 
  • • Facilitate professional learning experiences for fellow educators using curriculum-aligned, easy to use resources. 

Candidates participated in three levels of interviews for this unique position. Erika hopes to build confidence in her fellow educators who are not familiar with science education and assist them in feeling comfortable with completing hands-on experiments and modelling STEM in their own classrooms. 

“Through this experience, I will be a permanent member of a community of passionate STEM educators from across Canada. I am hoping to gain new strategies, best practices, and resources that I can share with my colleagues at the Sudbury Catholic District School Board. When passion is put to practice, it inspires others; I look forward to learning from this program so that our students can put their best foot forward in a fast-paced and competitive industry,” said Erika Weber, Science Teacher at St. Benedict C.S.S. 

“Mrs. Weber’s passion for STEM education is contagious. She is continually looking for engaging and meaningful opportunities for her students, which in turn sparks a love for science. Her leadership in the areas of science, robotics, and coding has enriched St. Benedict, and I am excited to see what her next adventure brings!” said Beverly Belanger, Principal of St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School. 

Let’s Talk Science is a national charitable organization committed to preparing youth for evolving career and citizenship demands in a rapidly changing world. Learn more about the Teacher Leader Training Program and the organization HERE

2021-22 Director’s Annual Report

We are very pleased to present the Director of Education’s Annual Report for the 2021-2022 school year

We thank our Board of Trustees, Senior Administration, staff, students, families, volunteers, community partners, and our parishes for their continued support and commitment to Sudbury Catholic. Together we are providing a caring, progressive, high quality Catholic school system that is nurturing our students – mind, body, and spirit.

Sudbury Catholic School Board Organizes Professional Learning Day Devoted to STEAM

Sudbury Catholic Schools was proud to host a professional learning day for education staff devoted to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) on October 24, 2022. The Board partnered with several local organizations to create engaging and innovative learning sessions.

Sessions included:

  • Cambrian College STEM tour: Educators had the opportunity to learn more about various STEM-based programming at Cambrian College, and how they can support showcasing STEM in the community. This day included a walking tour of the trades/ technology departments on campus, examples of hands-on learning activities and a workshop with Larissa Hoffman, VP of Edge Factor, who will provide an overview of their updated online platform and how Edge Factor can promote STEM careers to students.
  • Game Design Program at Cambrian College: Educators explored Game Design at Cambrian College with Professor, Program Director, and CBC Radio Tech Talk Host Aaron Langille. Participants got a glimpse of designing and developing commercial-quality game applications for a broad range of industries such as entertainment, health, education, construction, marketing, and mining. 
  • Science North: Participants completed several activities including: SHSM workshops, turtle crossing Demo, Planetarium show and a bit coding workshop. 
  • Connections Between Land and Art: Jessica Somers, an Indigenous Artist, guided participants through a land-based teaching about the Birch Tree and medicines. Participants were also guided through a painting workshop as they learned about the power of the spirit bear. 
  • Outdoor learning at St. David School: Participants learned on the land as they were guided through an outdoor professional development session. Educators spent the day learning outside, connecting with nature, and exploring the various benefits that land based teaching can offer. 
  • STEM Activities with Logics Academy: Educators had the opportunity to learn about robotics and Dash and how to integrate it into their classrooms! 
  • Skills Ontario- Walking Robots Challenge: Katie Cameron, program facilitator for Skills Ontario introduced teachers to Skills Ontario and their variety of programs and services. In addition, teachers learned about the Junk Drawer Races competition. This program promotes sustainability of re-using common items found at home or in a classroom. 
  • Let’s Talk Science : Teachers heard valuable information from Lindsay Shaw. Lindsay is the Program Development Manager for the Professional Learning team at Let’s Talk Science. In her role, she manages the development of the Learning Pathways program. She introduced teachers to Live STEM broadcasts, learning pathways and live events.
  • STEM Storytime: Primary teachers met Ryan Kahue. Ryan is a Program Support Coordinator for the Youth and Volunteer Experience team at Let’s Talk Science. His program of focus is STEM Storytime. STEM Storytime is a weekly series offered on Tuesdays at 1pm! Each week a Let’s Talk Science Outreach student along with Ryan will read a storybook followed by a hands-on activity.
  • STEM Club: Junior teachers met Nick Butt.  Nick Butt is an Outreach Coordinator with Let’s Talk Science. He is manager, developer, and host of STEM Club. Each week, Let’s Talk Science, features a different hands-on activity using minimal, easy-to-find materials. Students will also have the chance to learn from and ask questions to inspire STEM role models.

We would like to thank all partners who helped create hands-on sessions and provided our educational staff with learning opportunities that can be recreated in our classrooms! 

Sudbury Catholic Schools Give Back to the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

Staff and students at the Sudbury Catholic District School Board raised $1,923.10 to support the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee. Leaves of Change: Binaakwe Giizis is a fundraiser which took place on October 14, 2022, to promote environmental stewardship.

The goal of the fundraiser is to engage in civic and environmental responsibility by bringing attention to climate change and better understand how we can protect the earth for future generations. Throughout the day and the month of October, students and staff are encouraged to make more sustainable efforts. This includes cleaning green spaces by picking up trash and litter, recycling, using a reusable water bottle and reducing day to day waste, where possible. 

In addition, October is known as Binaakwe Giizis – Moon of Falling Leaves. The fundraiser also served as an educational opportunity to understand, acknowledge, and respect Indigenous perspectives on caring for Mother Earth (Shkagamik Kwe). 

“As a school board, it is our responsibility to create opportunities that teach the importance of protecting the earth for future generations.Environmental degradation affects the health and well-being of all peoples of North America and the world in many ways. By participating in this fundraiser, and the many planned activities, we help our community engage in volunteerism and create hope through environmental restoration,” said Joanne Bénard, Director of Education for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board. 

Happy ECE and EA Appreciation Day!

Graphic Collage

October 18, 2022 is ECE/EA Appreciation Day! Today we acknowledge how very fortunate we are to have many wonderful, caring, and supportive Early Childhood Educators and Educational Assistants in our schools. Early Childhood Educators and Educational Assistants in our schools. Your knowledge, dedication, caring approach, and incredible work ethic helps our students to grow and reach their full potential. On behalf of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, thank you for making a difference and for supporting Sudbury Catholic Schools, through your continued commitment to our students and their well-being. 

To help celebrate this occasion, the Board has created a short video.

Click Here to watch our 2022-23 ECE/EA Appreciation Day video!

World Teachers’ Day: October 5, 2022

Today is World Teachers’ Day! Together, we recognize and celebrate each member of our teaching team for their amazing work in providing our students with a caring, engaging, and innovative Catholic learning environment. We thank you for nurturing partnerships with parents and community partners, and for your excellence both inside and outside of the classroom. Thank you for your dedication and for fulfilling our daily mission of nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of each student within our system. We are stronger together. 

On behalf of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board community, thank you for all that you do and many blessings for continued success! We are so fortunate to have such a strong team!

Celebrating Our Custodial Team!

October 2, 2022 was National Custodial Appreciation Day! Let us take the time today to acknowledge every member of our custodial team including custodians, assistant custodians, cleaners, BSTs and maintenance staff for the outstanding work they do each and every day! Thank you for your dedication to ensuring our schools and Board office buildings are kept cleaned, safe and well-maintained throughout the year. You continue to ensure that our facilities are inviting to the community and contribute to the health and safety of all students and staff.

On behalf of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board community, thank you for all that you do. 

To help celebrate this occasion, the Board has created a short video.

Click Here to watch our 2022-23 National Custodial Appreciation Day video! 

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