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St. Albert Learning Centre Student and Educator Honoured at LDAS 8th Annual Fundraising Awards Dinner

The Learning Disabilities Association of Sudbury (LDAS) recently hosted its 8th Annual Fundraising Awards Dinner. The occasion celebrated individuals and community partners’ exceptional contributions to the organization’s growth and success.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is proud to announce that on this occasion, LDAS recognized two individuals from St. Albert Learning Centre for their outstanding educational commitments. 

Lochlan MacNeil was presented with the LDAS Resilient Learner Award, a testament to his exceptional determination and hard work in the face of learning challenges. Despite a learning disability, Lochlan’s unwavering commitment to education and admirable perseverance in tackling academic obstacles inspire both peers and educators. This award is especially significant because only one student is selected each year, meaning that Lochlan represents all the students in Sudbury!

Katie Kurt received the Outstanding Educator Award for her dedication to evidence-based practices, continuous learning, and tireless efforts to support all students, particularly those with learning disabilities. Katie’s genuine passion for inclusivity and equity fosters an environment where every learner can thrive.

“I feel so honoured to have my hard work recognized,” said Katie. “It’s a journey that my students and I have been on together. I’m reinvigorated by this success to continue following my passion for supporting students to with unique learning needs!”

These awards recognize individual achievements and exemplify a growth mindset through active engagement in professional development, contributing significantly to the improvement of our educational community.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is pleased to congratulate Lochlan and Katie for their well-deserved awards. Their outstanding achievements are a testament to their dedication to our learning community.

“We are incredibly proud of Lochlan and Katie for their outstanding achievements. Their commitment to our students’ success and contributions to our learning community are truly inspiring.” Say’s Christina Raso, Principal of St. Albert Learning Centre. 

Superintendent of Education Erica Raymond commented, “Lochlan and Katie’s dedication to learning is truly exemplary. We are honored to have Katie as an integral part of our educational team, and Lochlan serves as an inspiring example for others. Congratulations to both of them on this well-deserved recognition. We look forward to continuing to support them on their journey with Sudbury Catholic Schools.”

St. Albert School will celebrate these students at a school luncheon on May 8th, during Catholic Education Week: We Are Called to Love. Congratulations, Katie and Lochlan!

St. Benedict Student Appointed as Sudbury Catholic Schools Next Student Trustee

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is pleased to announce that Grade
10 St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School student David Madiba Akero was appointed as
Student Trustee for the 2024-2026 term by the Board of Trustees at their April 16th meeting.

David is a passionate student leader, with a strong work-ethic, determination, and desire to help
others through leadership. He has served as the Grade 8 Valedictorian and has been the
recipient of the RJ. McCarthy Award, the 2023 Grade 9 honour roll student and Soccer
Coaches Award, the 2024 Milk-Up Ontario Soccer Leadership Award, and has been a NOBEEP
Entrepreneur Feature. David is deeply involved in community service, volunteering over 70
hours of his time to support youth groups, and collaborating with the Kenyan Canadian
Association to launch a new initiative that promotes community engagement through soccer.

David’s unwavering commitment to community service is further exemplified through his steady
involvement in the Northern Ontario Black Economic Empowerment Program (NOBEEP). In
addition to being featured as an entrepreneur/client in NOBEEP, David is an active volunteer
and continues to support their work of providing assistance and resources to Black
entrepreneurs and business owners to help foster economic growth and inclusion in Northern

David is a strong advocate for student voice and believes it is necessary for student
development and growth. He hopes to bring more attention to elevating post-secondary support
within schools in order to further empower students in building their post-secondary portfolios
and navigating their educational and career pathways effectively.

“I am honoured to be chosen to represent the Sudbury Catholic District School Board as the
next Student Trustee. I wish to serve as an example to people of all backgrounds and show how
we as students, have both the capacity and the opportunity to shape their learning experience. I
believe that student voice and involvement are crucial elements for an effective education
system. When students are engaged, schools have a better understanding of their needs and
can continue to implement changes and updates that coincide with generational developments
that help students excel in their education.” Said David Madiba Akero, Student Trustee.

“We are immensely proud to have David Madiba Akero represent the Sudbury Catholic District
School Board as the Student Trustee,” said Michael Bellmore, Chairperson of the Board of
Trustees. “David’s exceptional leadership skills, dedication to community service and student
involvement make him an exemplary ambassador for our community. We have full confidence in
his ability to advocate effectively for the voices and interests of fellow students and are excited
to have him join us at the Board table next year.”

David Madiba Akero will officially assume his role as Student Trustee alongside fellow Student
Trustee Julia Parenteau on August 1, 2024. His appointment reflects the Sudbury Catholic
District School Board’s commitment to fostering student leadership and engagement, ensuring
that student voices are heard and valued in the decision-making process.

St. Charles College Elementary Choir Wins Silver at Sudbury Music Festival

St. Charles College students showcased their skills and musical prowess at the 2024 Sudbury Music Festival. Among the standout performances, the Elementary Choir captured hearts and acclaim, earning a Silver Award for their performance. Congratulations to the St. Charles College Elementary Choir for their remarkable achievement, marking another milestone in St. Charles College’s rich tradition of artistic excellence.

Immaculate Conception Students Shine in Sudbury Young Authors Awards Writing Contest

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of several students from Immaculate Conception who have emerged victorious in the Young Authors Awards Writing Contest at the Sudbury level. This competition serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the remarkable writing talents and accomplishments of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Participants are invited to submit short stories, poems, and nonfiction articles in English or French.

The competition consists of three tiers: school, unit, and provincial. Winners at the school level progress to the unit level, and from there, first-place winners proceed to the provincial competition. Each year, a compilation of winning entries is published in book form, showcasing the creative prowess of young authors across the region.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following Immaculate Conception students, who have demonstrated exceptional skill and creativity in their writing:

  • Olivia: First place in English short story
  • Ella: First place in English play
  • Neve: First place in French short story and English nonfiction
  • Rya: First place in French nonfiction
  • Andarielle: First place in English play and English poem
  • Arianna: First place in French poem 

These talented students will now advance to the Provincial level, representing Immaculate Conception with their exemplary work. We commend them for their dedication and commendable achievements. Well done, and best wishes for the next stage of the competition!

2022-23 Director’s Annual Report

We are very pleased to present the Director of Education’s Annual Report for the 2022-2023 school year

We thank our Board of Trustees, Senior Administration, staff, students, families, volunteers, community partners, and our parishes for their continued support and commitment to Sudbury Catholic. Together we are providing a caring, progressive, high quality Catholic school system that is nurturing our students – mind, body, and spirit.

Click here to read our 2022-23 report!

Marymount Academy Makes Milestones in Music: Violet Smith Joins the Woodwind Section of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board and Marymount Academy are thrilled to share that Grade 11 music student, Violet Smith, will be making history on November 25th by performing with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra in their Christmas Concert, “Poems for Snow.” Violet will be the first high school student to join the woodwind section of the orchestra.

Violet expressed her excitement on this achievement, emphasizing how this opportunity reflects her journey in music. 

This experience is really special to me.” Say’s Violet. “When I started playing the flute in Grade 7, I never imagined I’d be playing with experienced professionals four years later. I am proud of myself and thankful to my music teachers at Marymount Academy who have taught and supported me on my educational journey. I’m honoured to play alongside the skilled and talented musicians in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra and have been practicing every day to prepare for our upcoming performance.” 

A special moment in the concert will be a flute duet, featuring Violet and Marymount Academy’s Grade 7/8 Music Teacher, Danielle Conti. Ms. Conti praises Violet’s dedication, highlighting the strong music community at Marymount.

Marymount has a very strong music program. We have dedicated music teachers and dedicated music students and we are all proud of Violet for her hard work,” say’s Danielle Conti. “I’ve been with her since Grade 7, and I watched as the world threw setbacks at her that were not in her control. Despite those challenges, Violet’s enthusiasm for learning was always evident and I am so proud to see how far she has come since she first started at Marymount.”

Emily Tokola, Marymount’s Grade 9/12 Music Teacher, explains how practical experiences are important for developing students in the music program. “This experience beautifully exemplifies how Marymount Academy nurtures practical opportunities for its students. It goes beyond the theoretical aspects of the music curriculum, as Violet is now seamlessly applying the skills she learned in the classroom to a professional setting. This underscores our overarching goal—to build a solid foundation of musical knowledge and skills, empowering students to utilize these foundations in real-life situations.” 

Grade 11 student Violet Smith (middle) pictured with her two music teachers at Marymount Academy, Danielle Conti (left) and Emily Tokola (right).

Principal, Cassandra Tenbergen adds saying, “This is a great moment of leadership for our community where our students and staff can see a student applying the learning that takes place in class to the real world. There are many young Regals looking forward to going out this Saturday and cheering her on from the audience.

According to the school, Violet Smith is not only a rising star in the music department but also an active member of the Marymount Academy community. As a Grade 11 student, she holds the position of co-chair of the student advisory council at Science North, participates on the basketball team, serves as the co-president of the band council, and participates in both the jazz band playing trumpet and senior concert band playing flute. Additionally, Violet generously volunteers her time to support the elementary and junior bands at Marymount Academy. 

While Violet’s future career aspirations lie in science and engineering, she values the importance of Art and plans to apply her musical skills to other areas of her life. The duet between Violet and Ms. Conti reflects Marymount Academy’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing a passion for Art within their students regardless of their career aspirations. 

While Violet’s future career goals might not be in music, she knows the importance of it and that speak volumes to other students that having an art outlet is essential. Said Emily Tokola.  

The “Poems for Snow” Christmas Concert promises to be a magical evening, and Violet’s participation adds an extra layer of excitement and pride for the Marymount Academy and Sudbury Catholic School Board communities. Tickets for the event can be purchased at

Bishop Alexander Carter CSS Student Emily Rogers Paves the Way in Trades

Emily Rogers, a Grade 12 student at Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School in Hanmer, has expressed an interest in exploring a future in the skilled trades. Throughout the summer, she worked in at B & D Manufacturing, where she learned how to operate a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine and drill mills. She also learned about boring bar replacement, filing and dialing, as well as packaging, receiving and quality control.  

Recently, Emily participated in the Jill of All Trades initiative at Cambrian College.  This full-day event was filled with exciting, real application activities and featured plenty of hands-on learning guided by faculty in Cambrian’s technology program. Jill of All Trades is designed to foster an appreciation for skilled trades and help young women gain an understanding of the opportunities that are available to them.  

Emily Rogers has been exploring a career in skilled trades for the past five years, and has learned more about plumbing, carpentry and construction, automotive, fabrication, and tech design.  She is also a part of the Manufacturing Specialist High Skilled Major (SHSM) program offered at Bishop Alexander Carter CSS. 

Bishop builds an amazing program for going into the trades. I feel like I am ready for college, because without these programs I wouldn’t have been exposed to these trades. It gave me the courage to apply for a skilled trade program,” said Emily Rogers.

Mr. Remillard, one of the SHSM teachers at Bishop Alexander Carter CSS spoke highly of Emily’s knowledge in the courses she has completed. “Emily is well rounded and has taken a variety of courses to help build her knowledge in a variety of areas.  She has been exposed to AutoCAD planning, oxy acetylene welding and cutting, MIG welding, fitting, plasma cutting, metal prep and painting”.

The staff at Bishop Alexander Carter CSS are excited to see what the future holds for Emily and all our students in Grade 12 that are exploring their future in both post-secondary school and the workplace.  Through guidance from teachers and support staff at Bishop Alexander Carter CSS, the Grade 12 students are prepared for the next step in their life journey.

St. Paul Students Selected for School Bus Safety Awards

Leona Gervais from the Sudbury Consortium presented St. Paul students Myles Talbot, Hailey Ouellette and Dylan Helm with the School Bus Safety Patroller Awards. These students were selected by their bus drivers as being leaders in their role of bus patrollers.

Way to go Panthers!

Bishop Student Appointed to Student Trustee at Sudbury Catholic Schools 

Grade 10 Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S. student Julia Parenteau has been appointed as the newest Sudbury Catholic District School Board Student Trustee for the 2023-2025 terms. The appointment took place at the April 18, 2023 Board meeting. Julia will join fellow Student Trustee Catena Hayden beginning August 1, 2023. 

Julia is a devoted leader both on her school’s Student Council and on the Student Senate. Seen as an active member of the community, Julia spends much of her time volunteering at her local church and serving as a member of the Saint Vincent de Paul Committee. She has also devoted time to serving food to veterans and their families and volunteering at various events for the Maison Sudbury Hospice. 

Julia is strong advocate for student voice and believes it is a necessary for student development and growth. She hopes to bring more attention to mental health and well-being within schools and create resources to help students and school environments navigate appropriate solutions. 

“I believe it’s important for students to be involved in their education because, with an absence of involvement, their lives and our school communities would lack growth. When a student is involved in their education, they ask questions and make a point to self-assess their progress and attitude towards school. It’s these kinds of students who not only better themselves but also their school environment because they set examples and show good habits that other students may feel they need to pick up on,” said Julia Parenteau. 

“Julia is a passionate and dedicated individual. Her commitment to bettering our school system and helping her fellow students is inspring not only to her peers but to us as well. We look forward to working alongside her, as we continue to champion Student Voice at the Board table ,” said Michael Bellmore, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. 

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