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Grade 4 Students to Participate in CS First Coding Program by Google

To continue to encourage growth of critical and computational thinking skills, all Grade 4 students across the Sudbury Catholic District School Board are provided with the opportunity to participate in the CS First Coding Program by Google.

The CS First Coding Program that teaches coding in a fun and engaging way. The curriculum includes elements such as storytelling, art, game design, animation and much more. Teachers will be able to track class growth and progress through the online platform as students work through the hands-on and innovative activities and assignments.

To help prepare teachers for the launch of the program, a full day of professional learning was provided by Google. Teachers were shown how to access, use and implement the program. Teachers were also provided with time to plan the integration of the CS First Coding Program into their current classroom programming.

“We are very excited to offer this unique program to our Grade 4 students,” said Joanne Bénard, Director of Education. “One of our strategic pathways as a Board is to promote innovation. The CS First Coding program is an excellent way to promote innovation to both our students as well as our dedicated staff. We are excited to see students engaged in the program. The implementation of this program is the result of the hard work completed by our IT department, Learning Support Services team and the many educators who will help bring the program to life! We are thrilled to bring coding to all Grade 4 students.”

Education Trade Commissioner Peter Liao Visits Two Sudbury Catholic Schools!

Education Trade Commissioner Peter Liao visited two Sudbury Catholic Schools during his visit to Sudbury on November 25, 2019. He spent the afternoon touring both Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School and St. Charles College, where he spoke with teachers and students about their experiences at the schools.

The visits provided an opportunity to visit with the Kindergarten students at Holy Trinity where he was able to observe their classroom and take part in classroom activities with the students. At St. Charles College, he was provided a tour of the school and spoke to staff and students about the many programs and opportunities made available to them through both the school and the Board.
“We were proud to welcome Peter Liao to our schools to see the many wonderful programs that Sudbury Catholic Schools have to offer,” said Director of Education Joanne Bénard. “Our staff and students eagerly welcomed him into their classrooms and were thrilled to speak with him about our schools and Board. We wish him well as he concludes his visit in Sudbury and look forward to continuing to work with Peter Liao in the future as we continue to build our International Education program.”

Holy Trinity Students Present About Themselves During Anti-Bullying Week

Students in Mrs. Meyer’s grade 3 class presented All About Me presentations during Anti-Bulling week. The purpose of the presentations are for students to get to know each other better, to see what they have in common with each other. Students enjoyed listening to the presentations and finding ways that they are connected with each other.

Camera’s, lights, action – St. Charles College student is Oklahoma bound for film

Fourteen year old Phoenix Wilson likes to travel to pursue filming opportunities and next on tap, he is off to Oklahoma.

Wilson worked on a Sun Dance scene for Wild Indian in 2017 which allowed him the opportunity to spend time in Utah, shoot scenes and work with Director Lyle Mitchell Corbiere. That’s where he got noticed and is now prepping for the full film of the same title.

Phoenix will play the role of Mkwaa, a young adult in the film. He shares the role with an actor by the name of Chaske Spencer. Phoenix has already worked with Spencer in the tv series on Netflix called Longmire.

Phoenix received the latest script about two weeks ago and has been rehearsing the lines at home. “The easiest way to remember lines is by chunking the work and reciting the lines to my favourite person.” That favourite person is his mom and cheer leader, Marty Wilson who teaches at St. Charles College where Phoenix attends school.

Phoenix started acting at around the age of six or seven. He was so young he really cannot remember his few roles. He’s been featured Longmire, Letterkenny, Two Lovers in a Bear, Maple Mysteries and Hard Rock Medical. Phoenix leaves on November 25th for Oklahoma.

Sudbury Catholic Schools Help Make Winters a Little Warmer!

The Student Senate at the Sudbury Catholic District School Board has helped make winter a little warmer for our community! Throughout the month of October, the Student Senate spearheaded a campaign to collect gently used winter coats in all sizes. The Senate, which is comprised of 15 secondary students, also encouraged other schools to participate in this initiative.

Together, Sudbury Catholic Schools collected 574 coats and winter accessories, surpassing last year’s number of 200 coats and winter accessories. Working with Derek Cashmore of Cooper Equipment Rentals, the coats will be donated to those in need throughout the Greater Sudbury community.

“The Student Senate are seen as leaders and innovators not only in their schools but across the Sudbury Catholic District School Board,” said Amanda Barry, Teacher Facilitator of the Student Senate. “They are truly difference makers and I am honoured to work alongside them year after year.”

“It was amazing to see our schools all come together and support such a wonderful cause,” said Ryan Scarpellini, Student Trustee and member of the Student Senate. “We are excited to continue to grow the campaign year after year and continue to make a difference in our community.”

Secondary schools to host open houses this Winter: All future secondary students welcome!

Calling all future secondary students! See below for when each of our secondary schools are hosting open houses this Winter. It’s an opportunity to learn about the programs offered, meet your future teachers and classmates and see what is unique about each school community.

See below for schedule:

  • Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School: December 5, 2019
  • St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School: January 15, 2020
  • St. Charles College: January 14, 2020
  • Marymount Academy: January 9, 2020

For more information about how to register, please click here.

For more information about academic programs, please click here.

For more information about our secondary schools, please click here.

Creating Endless Possibilities: Board Wide Kindergarten Registration Night Taking Place January 15!

Register with our schools during our Board wide kindergarten registration night occurring Wednesday, January 15 at 6 p.m.

These information sessions are available for parents wanting to register their child(ren) for school beginning September 2020 (For children turning 4 years of age on or before December 31, 2020). If you are unable to attend these sessions at your school, we encourage you to contact the school to register on an alternative date. Both regular (English) and French Immersion programming is available.

Please note: Holy Cross School will be hosting their Kindergarten registration night on January 16, 2020.

Preregister now at the following link .

Learn more about how to register here!

For more information about our Kindergarten program, please click here!

For full list of schools, please click here.

Equine Assisted Learning day for students at St. Charles College

Students at St. Charles College spent a day last week developing communication and leadership skills with the help of horses.Grade 11 Specialist High Skills Major students studying Health and Wellness participated in Equine Assisted Learning at PMC Performance Horses in Val Caron.

EAL is a dynamic and innovative way to encourage students to develop both communication and leadership skills. It forces them to step outside of their comfort zones and collaboratively problem solve.

Teacher Mrs. Julie Dion says “Our students thoroughly enjoyed working with the horses and the immediate feedback that horses provide through their responses to students’ body language. Even some of the more hesitant students quickly became at ease with the kind and safe horses used in the program along with the reassuring guidance of the facilitators.”

Through the exercises students learned how to refine their communication skills (both physically and verbally) as well as effectively work as a team member to achieve a given goal.

Teacher Mary-Lynn Poirier says “It was wonderful to see how engaged students were with this program. There were many smiles, laughs and “aha” moments throughout the day!”

This is the second year in a row St. Charles College has worked with the team at PMC Performance Horses.

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