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St. Charles College Hosts Empowering Drama Workshop for Learning Support Students

Alessandro Constantini and Colton Gobbo, both respected alumni of St. Charles School and renowned figures in the world of theatre, recently joined forces with St. Charles College to create an inspiring workshop tailored for the school’s learning support students. This collaborative effort resulted in a truly unforgettable educational experience for students within the realm of drama.

This workshop offered students an exceptional, hands-on learning experience that immersed them in the enchanting world of theatre while also providing invaluable insights about the fundamental aspects of acting from two seasoned professionals in the field.

On this occasion, students actively participated in a series of theatre games designed to enhance their creative abilities and foster self-confidence. A standout moment during the workshop was the “sweater game,” a distinctive exercise that allowed students to practice their newly acquired skills.

The program reached its culmination with an enlightening Q&A session, providing students with the opportunity to delve deeper into the art of acting. Alessandro Constantini and Colton Gobbo generously shared their personal experiences and vast knowledge, leaving a lasting impression on students and inspiring them to explore the boundless opportunities that await them in the area of performing arts.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board extends its heartfelt appreciation to Ms. P. Demore and St. Charles College and Alessandro and Colton for their unwavering dedication to nurturing artistic talent and enriching the lives of our learning support students.

To further demonstrate support for the arts in Sudbury, check out the upcoming productions at the Sudbury Theatre Centre. “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” is poised to grace the Sudbury Theatre Centre stage on October 20th and will run until November 4th. This production promises to be a captivating journey into the world of theatre, showcasing Sudbury’s remarkable local talent. Keep an eye out, as you might even spot some Sudbury Catholic District School Board graduates among the cast!

Storwell Foster Children Bursary Program

Sudbury Catholic District School Board is pleased to introduce students to Storwell, in support of their Foster Children Bursary Program.

Storewell offers an annual bursary of $2,000 in support of foster children to help them attend post-secondary schools and to offer a hand up as they make their way forward in life.

For details about the program and to complete an application, please visit the StorWell Bursary Application Webpage.

*Please Note: Applications for the 2021 program year are due on or before December 31, 2021.

StorWell Foster Children Bursary Program

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