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St. Charles College Elementary Choir Wins Silver at Sudbury Music Festival

St. Charles College students showcased their skills and musical prowess at the 2024 Sudbury Music Festival. Among the standout performances, the Elementary Choir captured hearts and acclaim, earning a Silver Award for their performance. Congratulations to the St. Charles College Elementary Choir for their remarkable achievement, marking another milestone in St. Charles College’s rich tradition of artistic excellence.

Immaculate Conception Students Shine in Sudbury Young Authors Awards Writing Contest

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of several students from Immaculate Conception who have emerged victorious in the Young Authors Awards Writing Contest at the Sudbury level. This competition serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the remarkable writing talents and accomplishments of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Participants are invited to submit short stories, poems, and nonfiction articles in English or French.

The competition consists of three tiers: school, unit, and provincial. Winners at the school level progress to the unit level, and from there, first-place winners proceed to the provincial competition. Each year, a compilation of winning entries is published in book form, showcasing the creative prowess of young authors across the region.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following Immaculate Conception students, who have demonstrated exceptional skill and creativity in their writing:

  • Olivia: First place in English short story
  • Ella: First place in English play
  • Neve: First place in French short story and English nonfiction
  • Rya: First place in French nonfiction
  • Andarielle: First place in English play and English poem
  • Arianna: First place in French poem 

These talented students will now advance to the Provincial level, representing Immaculate Conception with their exemplary work. We commend them for their dedication and commendable achievements. Well done, and best wishes for the next stage of the competition!

St. Benedict Educator Receives Science Ambassador Award

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is excited to announce that Erika Weber, a St. Benedict grade 8 teacher, was recently honoured with the 2024 Science Ambassador Award by the Sudbury Regional Science Fair.

The Science Ambassador Award recognizes educators who exhibit extraordinary commitment to promoting participation and excellence in science fairs among their students. Mrs. Weber’s continuous passion for STEM education has propelled her students to new heights of achievement, inspiring them to explore, innovate, and succeed in scientific inquiry.

Nominated by St. Benedict Vice Principal Mr. G. Kent Macneill, Mrs. Weber stood out specifically for her support in engaging students in scientific exploration beyond the classroom. She was celebrated at the Sudbury Regional Science Fair Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 7, at Laurentian University.

This prestigious award underscores the importance of dedicated educators in cultivating a passion for science and inquiry-based learning. The Sudbury Catholic District School Board extends our congratulations to Mrs. Weber for her achievement highlighting her outstanding commitment to nurturing students’ scientific curiosity and critical thinking. Her efforts are instrumental in shaping future scientists and innovators. Congratulations!

Sweet Partnership: Holy Trinity Students Tap into Maple Syrup Making with Great Lakes Cultural Camp

A Day in the Anishinaabe Sugar Bush Camp

On April 9th, students from Holy Trinity School were in for an exciting day of hands-on learning exploring the tradition of maple syrup making. Led by experts from the Great Lakes Cultural Camp, students embarked on a journey to uncover the secrets of making Maple Syrup in an Anishinaabe Sugar Bush Camp. 

This engaging activity was coordinated by the school’s Indigenous Support Worker, Stacey Dell. Students from Grades 1-2 classes and kindergarten eagerly participated, making it a truly enriching experience.

Holy Trinity Students & Great Lakes Cultural Camp

Activity Highlights:

  1. Identifying Maple Trees: The students learned how to spot the Ninaatig, or Maple Tree, which is crucial for Maple Syrup production.
  2. Tapping and Gathering Sap: They participated in learning how to properly tap Maple Trees and safely collect the precious Maple Tree Water, or Ninaatigwaaboo.
  3. Boiling Down the Sap: With eager anticipation, students witnessed the transformation of the Maple Tree Water into rich Maple Syrup through the boiling process.
  4. Crafting Maple Sugar: Under the guidance of Noodin and Miisheen, the students learned the art of making Ziisbaakwad, or Sugar, from Maple Syrup.
  5. Sweet Rewards: Finally, they indulged in the fruits of their labour, tasting the sweet and savoury Maple Sugar they had helped create.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board would like to thank Great Lakes Cultural Camp, including Maheengun, Small Cooks, Miisheen, and Noodin, for their invaluable teachings and for helping to organize this enriching experience for students. These experiences are essential in supporting students in fostering cultural understanding and appreciation. Chi miigwech to all who made this memorable day possible. 

April 08 Solar Eclipse Resources

Get Ready for the April 08 Solar Eclipse with Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s Resources!

As the April 08 Solar Eclipse approaches, the Sudbury Catholic District School Board is committed to providing families with valuable resources to enhance their understanding and safety for this celestial event. A solar eclipse is a breathtaking phenomenon that offers a rare opportunity to witness the wonders of our universe firsthand. To ensure you are prepared for this occasion, we are excited to share a range of educational materials and resources.

Very important!

Looking directly at the Sun, without appropriate protection, can lead to serious problems such as partial or complete loss of eyesight.

Government of Canada Website – Total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024

2024 Eclipse Info – PDF DOWNLOAD

SCDSB Document

2024 Eclipse Info – Image


Pius XII Grade 5/6 Students Call Upon their Creativity to Explore Social Justice Issues

Recently, the grade 5/6 students at Pius XII School got hands-on with social justice. Thanks to Max and Anna from Cambrian College’s Social Justice program, students explored issues they were passionate about. Through this lesson, students were able to put their thoughts into action and create posters to share messages with the world.

Each poster represents a cause students care about, like women’s rights, fighting poverty, or protecting the planet.

A big thank you goes out to Max and Anna from Cambrian College for guiding these young activists. Their visit sparked something special at Pius XII School, demonstrating to students that they can make a big difference through inspiring others to take action.

Let’s keep cheering on these students as they advocate and work to improve the world.

Join Us For SCDSB’s Annual Carousel Event – Register Now!

Registration is open for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s (SCDSB) annual Carousel Event hosted by the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)! Join us for an evening of networking and workshops on timely topics in Catholic Education.

Event Details: 

When: Monday, April 15, 2024, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Where: Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School | 2997 Algonquin Road 

Carousel topics will include: 

Mental Health & Well-Being, Cyber Safety, Building Resilience, Autism Support, Bullying Awareness & Prevention, Preparing Your Child for High School Success, The Foundations of Reading, Supporting French Language Learners and more. Click here to view our session descriptions!  


How To Register? 

Click Here to Register:  2024 CAROUSEL EVENT

2024 Workshop Topics

2024 Registration Form

Marymount Academy Regals Claim Silver Medal at OFSAA Curling Tournament

Marymount Academy’s curling team showcased their prowess and determination at the prestigious OFSAA Curling Tournament held in Kingston. Over the course of five intense days, the Regals demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork, culminating in a remarkable achievement: a silver medal in a field of fierce competitors. Congratulations!

St. Benedict School Students Soar to Second Place in Skills Ontario Competition!

In an exciting display of innovation and teamwork, St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School Grade 7 students have secured a remarkable achievement in the Fall of 2023. Caleb Charbonneau, Alex Lamarche, Austin Girouard, and Eli Burke, participated in the Skills Ontario Paper Glider Challenge. Their mission? To craft a glider capable of defying gravity and staying airborne for the longest duration possible.

Facing off against competitors from across the province, the students rose to the occasion with their ingenuity and dedication. Their creation, a creatively designed cylindrical glider, soared through the air with remarkable grace and efficiency, surpassing the three-second mark—a feat that earned them a well-deserved Second Place in the overall standings.

This outstanding achievement is a testament to the passion, perseverance, and collaborative spirit embodied by St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School. Congratulations to Caleb Charbonneau, Alex Lamarche, Austin Girouard, Eli Burke, and all those who supported them on this remarkable journey. Way to go Bears!

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