Sudbury Catholic District School Board

St. Benedict SHSM Students Visit Hatch Engineering!

Students from St Benedict Computer Science class and the SHSM Business students attended a fieldtrip to Hatch Engineering accompanied by our teachers Maurizio Depoli and Giuseppe Politi.    

Our students had the opportunity to tour the new Hatch facility on Regent St to spark their interest in the many future careers that exist at Hatch and other engineering fields.  The engineers at Hatch facilitated sessions for the students to introduce them to the world of electrical and mechanical engineering, while feeding them a delicious lunch too!

“The building was designed by their own architects; this is very cool thinking the employees got to create their own workspace.” – Anthony Gutscher 

The students were also shown how machinery and engineering are used in mining.  The presentation gave the students a glimpse of how technology is used in the workplace and how new technology is being developed to create a safer environment for all workers.  

“This visit to Hatch showed me the ins and outs of engineering and I was inspired by this field of work.”– Katelyn Colasimone 

Mr. Depoli along with our students will partner with Hatch to start our First Robotics Canada program.  This exciting new venture will be great learning opportunity for our Bears!  

Katie Martel, a St Benedict Alumnus, organized the day for our students to learn about how science can work in so many different ways!

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