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St. Benedict SHSM Students Visit Hatch Engineering!

Students from St Benedict Computer Science class and the SHSM Business students attended a fieldtrip to Hatch Engineering accompanied by our teachers Maurizio Depoli and Giuseppe Politi.    

Our students had the opportunity to tour the new Hatch facility on Regent St to spark their interest in the many future careers that exist at Hatch and other engineering fields.  The engineers at Hatch facilitated sessions for the students to introduce them to the world of electrical and mechanical engineering, while feeding them a delicious lunch too!

“The building was designed by their own architects; this is very cool thinking the employees got to create their own workspace.” – Anthony Gutscher 

The students were also shown how machinery and engineering are used in mining.  The presentation gave the students a glimpse of how technology is used in the workplace and how new technology is being developed to create a safer environment for all workers.  

“This visit to Hatch showed me the ins and outs of engineering and I was inspired by this field of work.”– Katelyn Colasimone 

Mr. Depoli along with our students will partner with Hatch to start our First Robotics Canada program.  This exciting new venture will be great learning opportunity for our Bears!  

Katie Martel, a St Benedict Alumnus, organized the day for our students to learn about how science can work in so many different ways!

SCDSB Highlights IT Staff As Part of Computer Science Education Week at Sudbury Catholic Schools

In honour of Computer Science Education Week (Dec 6-12), each day, we will put a special spotlight on 1 amazing staff member whose expertise within the fascinating world of IT and computer science deserve to be celebrated!

Learn more about Computer Science Education Week by checking out the #csedweek website.


Everyone meet David Hempel!

He is one of the wonderful Computer Infrastructure Technicians we have here at SCDSB and believes that “IT can take you anywhere!”

Thanks David for all that you do and more!


On Tuesday we’d like to introduce you to Samual Smith and his inspiring quote. Sam is IMS Technician who believes “technology is everywhere. you can revolutionize the world if you know how to use it.”

Thank you Sam, we appreciate and thank you for all your hard work at SCDSB!


Introducing our staff highlight for Wednesday, Pat Hauser!

Pat is an extraordinary Computer Technician and believes that “with technology, the world is literally at your fingertips.”

Thank you Pat for all your hard work and dedication that you do everyday!


Continuing our streak on computer science education week, we’re highlighting Ron LeClair this Thursday!

Ron is one stupendous Computer Management Technician that we have here at Sudbury Catholic Schools.

Thank you, Ron, for all you do and more!


Thank you to everyone who participated in Computer Science Education Week at Sudbury Catholic Schools!

CSEdWeek was founded as a call to action to raise awareness about the need to elevate computer science education at all levels and to underscore the critical role of computing in all careers.

The theme this year highlighted the impact that computer science is making everywhere and the relationship that computer science has to different subjects, industries, career paths, and in our everyday lives.

To close off the week, we’re treated with a quote from our Superintendent of School Effectiveness, Peter Prochilo who reminds us that “technology is an effective tool that educators can leverage to support equity of access to curriculum and learning.”

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