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Holy Trinity Student Takes Northern Ontario by Storm as CTV Weather Star

Holy Trinity Redbird Alice (Grade 3) is making headlines as CTV News Northern Ontario’s Weather Star! The eight-year-old will be joining local weather specialist Katie Behun on Thursday, March 30th, 2023 at 5:00 pm for her debut appearance.

As part of her Weather Star experience, Alice will receive the VIP treatment, including a behind-the-scenes tour of the TV station, a swag bag, and a video feature profile shown on the news. She will also appear live on camera during the newscast.

Alice is thrilled for this amazing opportunity and is excited to share her passion for weather with Northern Ontario. Her fellow Redbirds and the Sudbury Catholic School community are proud of her accomplishments and wish her the best of luck in her Weather Star debut.

Congratulations, Alice, and we can’t wait to see you shine!

Sudbury Catholic Schools Celebrate Pink Shirt Day!

February 23rd, 2022 was Pink Shirt Day, and we were pleased and excited to see our entire community eagerly participating!

Throughout the day, students, faculty, and staff at Sudbury Catholic Schools dressed in fabulous pink shirts, effectively showing their support and solidarity against the issue of bullying and the impact it has on our everyday lives. Below we provide a small a sample of some of the amazing pink shirts worn throughout the day!

Photo Gallery

Pius XII

St. Francis

St. Joseph

Holy Cross

St. John

Holy Trinity

St. David

What is Pink Shirt Day?

Bullying is a major issue and affects everyone from schools to the workplace, to even home life. But no one has enough power to stop it by themselves. On Pink Shirt Day, Sudbury Catholic Schools from Kindergarten all the way to Grade 12 work together to put a stop to bullying by coming together and wearing pink shirts.

Every year, on the last Wednesday of February, schools around the world observe Pink Shirt Day – an anti-bullying campaign that began in 2007 when a boy in Nova Scotia was bullied for wearing his favourite pink shirt to school. When he returned home from being teased, in a show of solidarity, two older students purposely wore pink shirts the following day. This act not only demonstrated the power and choice each of us has to help others, but it was also a conscious decision that allowed them to make a stand against bullying and in the process ignited an important campaign that continues to grow support every year. 

How to think pink?

Pink is a colour that symbolizes everything bullying stands against. It’s bright, cheery, and warm. However, on this day it has become more than a colour – it has become a stronger and brighter message. A message that say’s that we refuse to let this issue continue! And while simply wearing a pink shirt might seem insignificant, such an action has the power to spark up conversations and bring awareness for people to take control of their lives and recognize what’s happening around them. Whether you have a pink shirt or not is asides from the point. The message of the day is the most important to remember. By working to be friendly, responsible, compassionate individuals, we ensure we all continue to think pink and grow into strong leaders in learning and faith.

Students Create Their Own Space Probe Lander!

Stem Class #3 

Students create their Own Space Probe Lander!

Nicholas Butt, Outreach Coordinator for Let’s Talk Science, lead a group of grades 4-6 students at St. Anne, St. Charles, St. John, Holy Trinity, and Immaculate Conception in both a minds on and hands-on activity about Space Probes. Students learned about the three types of Space Probes: orbiter, interplanetary and the lander. Then, from recycled materials students created their very own Space Probe Lander.

Mrs. Bradley, Grade 5 & 6 Teacher at Immaculate Conception School stated “Students enjoyed exploring ways to stabilize their space probes to be sure they didn’t fall over when hitting the ground.  The engagement and sharing of ideas with each other was amazing!”

To watch the recording of this lesson in either French and English Click Here

STEM Club is ideal for busy educators, whether teaching face to face or remotely! There is still time to Register Your Class for fun and interactive STEM activities intended for Grade 4-6 students! Each week, Let’s Talk Science, features a different hands-on activity using minimal, easy-to-find materials. Students will also have the chance to learn from and ask questions to inspire STEM role models. 

An English activity is offered two times per week (Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. ET & Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. ET), and a French activity is offered once a week (Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. ET).

The second cohort starts November 2nd, and the third on January 27th, 2022.

For more information, visit: Join the Let’s Talk Science STEM club or contact if you would like more details about participating in this activity.

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