Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Thank You For An Amazing PA Day!

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board would like to thank all our community partners, staff, and keynote speakers who helped make our Nov. 19th PA Day a tremendous success.

The abundance of knowledge accumulated throughout the day has been enormous. Today’s resources show a strong future for efforts to grow our schools and help students and staff in our community by enhancing the educational experiences that strengthen the ways we can help all our learners understand and grow into responsible leaders.

We sincerely appreciate all the hard work of our community partners, who took time out of their busy schedules to talk with our board and be extraordinary virtual visitors by introducing new concepts and programs to teachers and staff.

Pictured is Sam Demma – one of the inspiring guests who helped make this PA Day amazing.

Special thanks to…

  • Pearson
  • Let’s Talk Science
  • Compass
  • Monsieur Steve
  • Sam Demma
  • Children’s Treatment Centre
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Empower Reading Program – SickKids
  • Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF)
  • Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Cooperation Council of Ontario
  • Unlearn – Unlearning Streaming
  • Edge Factor
  • Mersive Solstice Software
  • Skills Ontario
  • Mind UP
  • Investors Group
  • Jane Goodall Foundation
  • Pear Deck

Thank you for supporting our school community and bestowing your tools and experience to support Sudbury Catholic Schools.

In addition, many of our incredible staff attended these comprehensive presentations throughout this Friday and even provided wisdom by preparing engaging presentations that tackled many topics that opened the door for continued growth and learning at SCDSB. We thank all our fantastic staff for their diligent preparation and planning that provided a triumphant PA Day for everyone at Sudbury Catholic District School Board.

Beards Bakery Brings Holy Cross Student’s Donut Design to Life!

Meet Nate, the Donut Designer!

When he is not inventing a new donut called “The Magnolia” at Beards Bakery, he is a busy Grade 3 student in Mrs. Whalen’s Grade 3/4 class at Holy Cross School.

Pictured: Holy Cross Student and Donut Designer, Nate proudly shows off his “Magnolia” donuts outside Beards Bakery

Why did Nate create a donut, and what does this have to do with school? Well, it all started with an idea and a little persuasion.

This past school year, Mrs. Whalen taught Nate and his classmates about the author’s purpose, which involves concentrating on convincing others and practicing persuasion through persuasive writing.

To help students understand persuasion, Mrs. Whalen had an idea to get each student to design a donut with the goal that once their creation was complete, they had to convince their other classmates why their donut design was the best. This would put their writing skills to the test and make them ponder how they could best convince and persuade their classmates using the skills they had learned from their lessons.

To make this persuasive writing activity a reality, Mrs. Whalen reached out to Beards Bakery, located on Kathleen Street, at the end of August to see if the owner would be interested in helping out.

Pictured: Beards Bakery’s Magnolia Donuts

Jess, Beards Bakery owner, quickly and enthusiastically agreed, and the plan was set in motion!

Under Mrs. Whalen’s instruction, students illustrated and labelled their donuts and then wrote a paragraph to persuade their audience (classmates) to believe that their donut design was the best. Following this, students presented their donut designs, and each student voted for their favourite. The activity was extra exciting because Beards agreed to serve the winning donut at their storefront on Nov. 6th.

Fast forward to this November. Students then worked on designing a donut using nothing but their imagination and a toppings list provided by Beards.

The students all did a fabulous job using their words and illustrations to persuade the class. Nate was crowned the ultimate donut designer and was excited to have Beards Bakery bring his winning donut, “The Magnolia,” to life. What made the occasion more fun was his brother’s 10th Birthday fell on Nov. 6th and was celebrated with a specially designed Beards donut.

Nate’s family ordered many donuts to share with their friends and family. The rest of the class also had the option to visit Beards to purchase a donut on the day. A HUGE thanks to Beards Bakery for embracing this idea and helping us out. ‘Donut’ forget that you’re fantastic!

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