Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Complaint Resolution Process

Education is a shared experience, involving the home and the school, and it can be strengthened through open communication. If a parent, guardian or stakeholder has a concern about a school matter, the following procedures for review of the issue are available:

Step 1: Contact the classroom teacher/staff member to resolve the matter. It is important to maintain regular contact with the school throughout the year.

Step 2: If the situation has not been resolved, contact the school Principal. The Principal will review the issue(s) and work to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Step 3: If the situation has not yet been resolved, contact the Superintendent in charge of the school involved. The Superintendent will review the matter and will respond to the parents/guardian/stakeholder about their concerns. Call (705) 673-5620 for contact information or go to the following link for more information.

Step 4: If the situation has not yet been resolved, contact the Director of Education to have the matter reviewed. You may also wish to contact your local Trustee if the matter remains unresolved.

Complaint Resolution Policy

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