Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Student Medical Conditions

The safety of our students is important. Please let the school office know if your child has a medical condition such as anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, or a concussion. The safety of students with medical conditions is a shared responsibility with the school, family, school board and community partners working together. The Sudbury Catholic District School Board recognizes that every student diagnosed with a medical condition is unique and requires an individual plan of action. School Principals work with school staff to ensure that all are aware of the recommended plan of action for an individual student diagnosed with a medical condition.

The goal of the school is for the student to become:

1. as independent as possible, as soon as possible, in managing their medical condition; and

2. a self advocate in the management of their medical condition.

Provided here are a number of resources pertaining to some of the most prevalent medical conditions, and policies relating to them. If you have questions relating to these policies or information regarding a particular medical condition, please contact your child’s school directly.​​​​​​​​​​

An Act to Protect Anaphylactic Pupils enacted by the Ontario Legislature came into force January 1, 2006. The act states that every School Board shall establish and maintain an anaphylaxis policy. The Anaphylaxis Protcol is to assist in developing a safe and inclusive environment by providing information to school personal about anaphylaxis (what it is, it’s causes, symptoms, and treatment), and their responsibilities to assist the child diagnosed with anaphylaxis to manage their life threatening allergy. Access our anaphylaxis protocol and applicable forms below:

Anaphylaxis Protocol

Uncontrolled asthma may limit children’s learning opportunities and can cause many nights of interrupted sleep, several days of limited activity, and disruptions in normal activities of life. All these factors influence how children behave and learn at school. Access our Asthma protocol and appropriate forms below:

Ryan’s Law Asthma

The Diabetes Protocol is an information and resource manual to be used by school staff to assist in managing and supporting students diagnosed with diabetes (both type 1 or type 2) so students can learn in an environment that is safe and supported. Access the Diabetes Protocol and applicable forms below:

Diabetes Protocol

The goal of this protocol is to educate school personnel about epilepsy and seizure disorders, its causes, symptoms and treatments so that a child diagnosed with a seizure disorder can have the support needed in the school setting or on a school trip to be safe and successfully participate in their education. View the complete Epilepsy Protocol and applicable forms below:

Epilepsy Protocol

Concussion Safety enacted by the Ontario Legislature came into force March, 2018. The act states that every school board shall establish and maintain a concussion policy which includes: concussion awareness, protocols for removal from sport, return to sport and a concussion code of conduct for all those involved. View our complete Concussion Protocol and applicable forms below:

Concussion Protocol

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