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Students Send Postcards to Space!

Ms. Reale’s Grade 1 & 2 students at Holy Cross School had fun learning about the solar system! Students listened to the story, “There’s No Place Like Space” during story time.  Following, as a class, the students imagined living in space and created rules that they would need to follow to keep safe.  

Here are some of their rules for living in space:

  1. Stay together as a group.
  2. Always be kind.
  3. Always put your space gear away when not being used.
  4. Don’t talk to aliens!
  5. Always wear your space safety belt.
  6. Be helpful.

Students then picked the rule they felt was the most important and designed their very own postcard that will be sent into space.  These postcards will be returned and upon return, each postcard will get stamped with an official “Flown to Space” stamp. 

Club for the Future will send the postcards into low Earth orbit on the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket.  Watch the New Shepard Rocket  launch and land with thousands of postcards.  

Thanks to a partnership between Let’s Talk Science and Club for the Future, Canadian students are invited to design a postcard that will be sent into orbit. Now is the chance for students to own something that has been to space and back. There is no deadline for this project, the earlier you submit your postcards, the earlier they will return.There are many ways you can use this activity with your students. It can be a fun craft or mindfulness activity that also sparks reflection and creativity.  If you would like to have a grade appropriate lesson presented to your class can contact

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