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Immaculate Conception School Raises Over $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society

On June 16, 2023, the Immaculate Conception Cougar Family participated in the Crush Cancer/Relay for Life Event. Their fundraising goal was $5000 and the school is ecstatic to announce that this amount was doubled!

Through the sale of Crush Cancer t-shirts and hoodies, collecting pledges and the sale of luminaries, our Cougars stepped up to the task we set out for them just a little over a month ago.

The day started off with a superhero-themed ‘Playday with a Purpose’. Students enjoyed the outdoor stations and the school spirit was amazing.

The Relay for Life took place in the afternoon as staff and students gathered for an important assembly. Student-decorated luminaries lined the front of the gym to pay tribute, honour lost loved ones and support those living with cancer. What a touching tribute!

After recognizing the efforts of all the organizers, student volunteers and everyone involved in planning this day, they acknowledged our important guests of honour, the Cancer Survivors, who are family members of our school community. They so courageously led the walk outdoors. The Immaculate school community followed, cheering on our Survivors and then joined in by walking big laps around the schoolyard. We topped off the day with Crush freezies for all to enjoy.

A final big THANK YOU goes out to the many volunteers, the Survivors, the students, parents & staff at Immaculate Conception!

SCC Hosts Successful International Dessert Fair for Northern Cancer Foundation

What a wonderful day for St Charles College students and staff as they celebrated the various cultures and diversity at the school by hosting their annual International Dessert Fair. 

There were over 40 student booths with a variety of countries being represented. Students travelled to Nigeria, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Mexico, France, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Lebanon, Norway, Philippines, Honduras, Austria, Korea, Spain, Chile, Zimbabwe, Bahamas, South Africa, Germany, Tibet, India & Israel, and go to enjoy bite sized desserts from each country. School Principal Mr. Aaron Barry was blown away by the various desserts and booths, after spending the afternoon conversing with many students and learning about their culture & foods, he said he has definitely added a few places to travel on his bucket list. 

The event was a huge hit raising funds for the Northern Cancer Foundation. The event was planned by the schools’ international clubs,  student council, foods classes and the amazing teaching staff involved. 

Pius XII Penguins Fill a Crib in Support of the Infant Food Bank

This Christmas season the Pius XII School community is pleased to once again be participating in the “Fill A Crib” campaign to support the Infant Food Bank in Sudbury and our community’s most vulnerable: babies and toddlers. There is a crib located in the front lobby of our school where new and gently used items can be donated and used to help over 800 families in need in our community.  The Pius XII community has already filled the crib with over 200 items. Well done, Penguins!

St. Charles School in Chelmsford Hosts a ‘CEREALsly’ Entertaining Fundraiser For the Friendship House Food Bank 

 To spread kindness this past Fall, staff and students at St. Charles Catholic School in Chelmsford collected 245 boxes of cereal to help feed the community through the Friendship House Food Bank. 

Students collected boxes of cereal throughout the community for two weeks. On November 18, 2022, the school celebrated their efforts by creating a giant row of dominos and visually demonstrating how one small act of kindness can cause a ripple effect. 

Melodie Winn, Grade 2/3 French Immersion Teacher at St. Charles School hopes to complete this fundraiser each year! 

“At St. Charles, we are always looking for ways to help our community. Giving students an opportunity to see how a small act of kindness can make a big difference for others is always rewarding as a teacher. It was very exciting to watch as the boxes toppled over, and the students cheered with excitement, all while understanding that there is a greater cause behind it,” she said. 

“Melodie Winn’s idea that one small act can create a massive positive impact for our community has provided our students with a wonderful opportunity to help create social justice for all,” said Angela Polischuk, Principal at St. Charles School. 

“We enjoyed helping people that don’t have as much food. It was cool to watch the cereal boxes fall!” said Ashton Willoughby, Grade 3 at St. Charles School. 

To take their message of kindness one step further, St. Charles Rams are asking schools within our community to complete their own cereal box domino chains in support of local Food Banks. 

Student Senate Collects 127 Items for Their Annual Winter Clothing Drive

The Student Senate was able to collect 127 winter clothing items for their annual winter clothing drive! The campaign ran from October 7 – 21 and all four secondary schools and the Catholic Education Centre participated.

“It was a very successful campaign. Every school was able to contribute something, and we crushed our goal of 86 items by 41, with a final total of 127. It is always great to see what our school board community can accomplish. I would like to say thanks to our Student Senate members and Tracey Adams for helping promote this campaign. Also, a big thanks to those who were able to contribute,” said Jack Gouchie, Student Trustee.

“This coat drive is such an important campaign and is an amazing way for us to give back to our community. I am so proud that the Student Senate was able to donate 127 winter clothing items this year,” said Catena Hayden, Student Trustee.

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