Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Cards Crush Cancer in Annual Fundraiser!

Over 800 St Charles College staff, students and community members came out to enjoy the sunshine yesterday as the school hosted their annual Cards Crush Cancer event. The fundraising event aims to raise money for the Northern Cancer Foundation. All proceeds stay right here in Sudbury. 

The event was created by the SCC student council in 2019 and has been a huge success ever since. Year after year, the students come in droves to enjoy live entertainment like dancing, singing, trivia, Zumba and a live DJ.  SCC turns their school grounds into a carnival themed day with local food trucks on site, BBQ snacks, a huge stage, water balloons, bubble soccer, jumbo lawn games, intramurals, obstacle courses, teacher vs student games etc. 

This year was no different, except it got even better.  The event saw a new water gun zone with refill stations, a new inflatable riding bull, and even had cirque du soleil style performances on stage. It is safe to say there was a little something for everyone. 

Guest speaker from the NCF, Kris Cacciotti came to share some enlightening words with the students before the day began, he was in awe at the number of participants outside enjoying the day for a great cause. Kris says “I am always so amazed at how SCC gets their student body involved and plans these epic fundraising events; between the student turnout, the music and sound setup, and the on-site activities, it’s all pretty remarkable. I am always so amazed at how SCC gets their student body involved and plans these epic fundraising events; I wish I had this in high school” 

SCC is grateful for the generosity of their students and cannot wait to host again next year.

Pius XII Community Gives Generously Through Smile Box Campaign for Sudbury Women’s Centre

This year during Catholic Education Week, the focus is “We Are Many, We Are One”. To demonstrate this, students and families at Pius XII School donated new and unused toiletry items. Students in grade 5 and 6 decorated shoe boxes and filled them with these toiletry items. The “Smile Boxes” were then donated to the Sudbury Women’s Centre. 

“I am forever grateful to have so many students and families at Pius XII that were giving of their time and supportive of this initiative. It is very important to me for our students to understand how integral community partnerships can be,” said Amanda Schiafone, Grade 5/6 Teacher at Pius XII.

The Sudbury Women’s Centre was so appreciative to the community at Pius XII and the generosity they showed during this fundraiser!

“We are incredibly grateful for the many shoeboxes donated by Pius XII Catholic School this past week. Our clients have shared with us the impact these boxes have had on them. In particular, the various inspirational quotes and sayings in the boxes have left clients feeling cared for. We are so grateful for community partnerships such as these that provide our clients with dignity,” said Giulia Carpenter, Executive Director of the Sudbury Women’s Centre. 

Sudbury Catholic Schools Give Back to the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

Staff and students at the Sudbury Catholic District School Board raised $1,923.10 to support the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee. Leaves of Change: Binaakwe Giizis is a fundraiser which took place on October 14, 2022, to promote environmental stewardship.

The goal of the fundraiser is to engage in civic and environmental responsibility by bringing attention to climate change and better understand how we can protect the earth for future generations. Throughout the day and the month of October, students and staff are encouraged to make more sustainable efforts. This includes cleaning green spaces by picking up trash and litter, recycling, using a reusable water bottle and reducing day to day waste, where possible. 

In addition, October is known as Binaakwe Giizis – Moon of Falling Leaves. The fundraiser also served as an educational opportunity to understand, acknowledge, and respect Indigenous perspectives on caring for Mother Earth (Shkagamik Kwe). 

“As a school board, it is our responsibility to create opportunities that teach the importance of protecting the earth for future generations.Environmental degradation affects the health and well-being of all peoples of North America and the world in many ways. By participating in this fundraiser, and the many planned activities, we help our community engage in volunteerism and create hope through environmental restoration,” said Joanne Bénard, Director of Education for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board. 

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