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Marymount Academy Makes Milestones in Music: Violet Smith Joins the Woodwind Section of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board and Marymount Academy are thrilled to share that Grade 11 music student, Violet Smith, will be making history on November 25th by performing with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra in their Christmas Concert, “Poems for Snow.” Violet will be the first high school student to join the woodwind section of the orchestra.

Violet expressed her excitement on this achievement, emphasizing how this opportunity reflects her journey in music. 

This experience is really special to me.” Say’s Violet. “When I started playing the flute in Grade 7, I never imagined I’d be playing with experienced professionals four years later. I am proud of myself and thankful to my music teachers at Marymount Academy who have taught and supported me on my educational journey. I’m honoured to play alongside the skilled and talented musicians in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra and have been practicing every day to prepare for our upcoming performance.” 

A special moment in the concert will be a flute duet, featuring Violet and Marymount Academy’s Grade 7/8 Music Teacher, Danielle Conti. Ms. Conti praises Violet’s dedication, highlighting the strong music community at Marymount.

Marymount has a very strong music program. We have dedicated music teachers and dedicated music students and we are all proud of Violet for her hard work,” say’s Danielle Conti. “I’ve been with her since Grade 7, and I watched as the world threw setbacks at her that were not in her control. Despite those challenges, Violet’s enthusiasm for learning was always evident and I am so proud to see how far she has come since she first started at Marymount.”

Emily Tokola, Marymount’s Grade 9/12 Music Teacher, explains how practical experiences are important for developing students in the music program. “This experience beautifully exemplifies how Marymount Academy nurtures practical opportunities for its students. It goes beyond the theoretical aspects of the music curriculum, as Violet is now seamlessly applying the skills she learned in the classroom to a professional setting. This underscores our overarching goal—to build a solid foundation of musical knowledge and skills, empowering students to utilize these foundations in real-life situations.” 

Grade 11 student Violet Smith (middle) pictured with her two music teachers at Marymount Academy, Danielle Conti (left) and Emily Tokola (right).

Principal, Cassandra Tenbergen adds saying, “This is a great moment of leadership for our community where our students and staff can see a student applying the learning that takes place in class to the real world. There are many young Regals looking forward to going out this Saturday and cheering her on from the audience.

According to the school, Violet Smith is not only a rising star in the music department but also an active member of the Marymount Academy community. As a Grade 11 student, she holds the position of co-chair of the student advisory council at Science North, participates on the basketball team, serves as the co-president of the band council, and participates in both the jazz band playing trumpet and senior concert band playing flute. Additionally, Violet generously volunteers her time to support the elementary and junior bands at Marymount Academy. 

While Violet’s future career aspirations lie in science and engineering, she values the importance of Art and plans to apply her musical skills to other areas of her life. The duet between Violet and Ms. Conti reflects Marymount Academy’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing a passion for Art within their students regardless of their career aspirations. 

While Violet’s future career goals might not be in music, she knows the importance of it and that speak volumes to other students that having an art outlet is essential. Said Emily Tokola.  

The “Poems for Snow” Christmas Concert promises to be a magical evening, and Violet’s participation adds an extra layer of excitement and pride for the Marymount Academy and Sudbury Catholic School Board communities. Tickets for the event can be purchased at

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