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Walking for Wellness: Sudbury Catholic District School Board Celebrates 2023 Walking Challenge Results!

During the month of May, the Sudbury Catholic District School Board eagerly embarked on our highly anticipated annual staff walking challenge.

The Board is proud to announce that the collective steps taken by the challenge participants reached an astounding 42,777,283 steps covering an impressive distance of approximately 34,221 kilometres. To put this achievement into perspective, it’s equivalent to journeying from Sudbury, Ontario all the way to Sydney, Australia, and then back to Goodnews Bay, Alaska—a true testament to the dedication of our 2023 competitors.

To commemorate the end of this challenge, St. Charles College hosted the Board’s first Walking Challenge gathering, serving as a venue for celebration and recognition. Among the highlights of the event was the announcement of the winning teams.

In third place, we crowned the extraordinary IT Factor team, comprising of Pat Hauser, Dyan Pyott, Dan Crepeault, and Dave Hempel. Securing second place was the formidable Bluestreaks team comprising of Janet Shannon, Melanie Johncox, Victoria Sleeman, and Jennifer Benoit. And finally, the first-place position went to the remarkable Holy Walkamolies, made up of Pat Shewring, Andria Field, Lynn Massimiliano, and Andrea Jebreen.

Special thanks is extended to all of our participants!

To help make this celebration extra special, students in the Construction and Design Technology class at St. Charles College contributed their creativity and craftsmanship by crafting trophies for the winning teams. Not only will these trophies serve as a symbol of recognition for the current accomplishment, but they will also be utilized in future challenges, carrying the spirit of excellence forward for years to come. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to St. Charles College, Christopher Kohut (the Construction and Design Technology Teacher), and all the participating students for their invaluable efforts in crafting these prestigious awards. 

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board and the Wellness Committee congratulates the winning teams for their achievement in this year’s Walking Challenge. We also want to extend our deep appreciation and thanks to all the participants who dedicated their time and effort to take part in this challenge. Your determination and commitment continue to grow each year and we commend each and every one of you for joining us on this journey. We hope this experience will inspire our staff to continue incorporating walking into their daily routines and participate in future challenges at our Board!

Sudbury Catholic Schools – Stronger Together!

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