Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Sudbury Catholic School Students Learn About Eco-Coding!

Students in Ms. Cipressi’s Grade 3/4 remote learning class participated in an Eco-Coding session offered by the University of Waterloo. Students learned that small lumps of plastic called nurdles are used in the creation of many products we use everyday.  When plastic gets into the waterways, it can endanger the lives of many species who live there and affect species up the food chain like humans! 

In this workshop students not only learned about how plastic pollution impacts our ecosystems but they had the opportunity to code a game to spread awareness about the issue!

ESQube is a Mobile Makerspace, operated by the Engineering Outreach team at the University of Waterloo. They believe that sparking appreciation for STEM at an early age is valuable, and ESQube wants to give ALL youth the opportunity to engage in these hands-on experiences. ESQube is excited to offer FREE STEM Workshops to students in Grades 1 to 12! 

Take a look at the Fall 2021 ESQube Programs  and book your class for an exciting lesson.

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