Sudbury Catholic District School Board
May 01, 2018

Catholic Education Week 2018: Renewing the Promise

Director's Corner

What a year it has been, I can hardly believe it is already May! The weather has certainly warmed up, bringing with it the promise of longer days and more time spent outdoors with our friends and families. In our schools, we continue to focus on addressing our strategic pathways both inside and out of the classroom environment. One of our strategic pathways is to strengthen our faith-based, inclusive and equitable community. There are many ways in which this is accomplished throughout the year. One of our most cherished traditions as a Catholic school community is to celebrate Catholic Education Week.

During May 6 to May 11, our schools embraced Catholic Education Week, engaged in various activities, events and lessons that showcased our Catholic values in unique ways. The theme this year was ‘Renewing the Promise’. Catholic Education Week 2018 combined the themes of reconciliation, solidarity, love, justice and ecology.

We are very proud to share with you how each of our schools are living out our values of faith, respect, community, innovation and learning.

“For the promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to him.” Acts 2:39


Immaculate Conception celebrates ‘May is for Mary’

Immaculate Conception School participated in a May is for Mary assembly to kick off Catholic
Education Week. Mrs. Hayden’s grade 1/2 class performed a song called “You are a gift to me” dedicated to their mothers. Afterwards, students offered their mothers a flower! A great way to come together as a community, awesome job Cougars!

Holy Trinity hosts beautiful school-wide Mass

Holy Trinity gathered as a Catholic school community to celebrate Mass. The service was led by Father Sam. He spoke about the promises that we make to God, while students concluded the service by leading the school in the ‘butterfly song’. Students also decorated the gym with beautiful handmade hearts that listed each student’s promise to God.

Students at Holy Cross School visit St. Patrick for annual Catholic Education Week Mass

Father James Hutton leads Holy Cross in the liturgy of the eucharist as Holy Cross students and staff attend St. Patrick church for their annual Catholic Education Week Mass. St. Patrick’s parish was filled with eager Cubs who participated in the service with open hearts. Students participated in the service through various readings and songs that reflected the theme of Catholic Education Week.

Pius XII has fun with faith for Catholic Education Week

Care and Development students at Pius XII partnered with Junior students to have fun with faith. They baked apples, sang some songs such as “Jesus Hokie Pokie” and pretended that a parachute was the rough water that Noah’s ark endured. They had lots of fun watching the stuffed animals fly and enjoying the delicious baked apples!


St. David School helps proclaim Children’s Mental Health Week

St. David School helped proclaim Children’s Mental Health Week alongside the Child and Family Centre! The theme of this year’s week is getting back to nature. To demonstrate the importance of this, the group participated in Medicine Wheel teachings and completed a nature walk together!

St. James students ‘bear witness’ to Jordan’s Principle

Students showed their support for Jordan’s Principle by bringing in their favourite teddy bear. Jordan’s Principle has a mission to ensure that all First Nations children can access all public services in a way that is reflective of their distinct cultural needs.

St. Charles School creates a wellbeing tree!

To demonstrate the importance of mental health and wellbeing, the students at St. Charles School created a well-being tree. The tree was painted and displayed on the main wall of the school. Students completed their handprints in various colours to add leafs to the tree, building a beautiful symbol that represents respect of nature, of their school community and of each other.

Bishop Alexander Carter students put their health first

Bishop Alexander Carter completed a full day of wellness. Students took part in various physical activities to promote a healthy lifestyle (including bubble soccer and kickboxing). They also spoke about nutrition in cooking and concluded with a session on mental health with special guest speaker Brock McGillis (former OHL goalie).


Students at St. Joseph school visit their local grocery store and library

Students at St. Joseph had a fun-filled week! They had a picnic in the park, explored the outdoors, and visited a grocery store and library to practice their reading comprehension skills. Students were excited to participate in all the planned activities throughout the week.

Staff and students at St. Anne school give to Toonies for Tuition

St. Anne School held a Toonie for Tuition fundraiser during Catholic Education Week. The group raised money by completing a walk as a community followed by fun activities including a Toonie Toss! Preslee, the winner of the toss will be Principal for a day at the school. The event raised over $2000! A great effort by all!

St. Benedict and St. Charles College host pow-wows to celebrate Indigenous culture

St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School and St. Charles College both hosted pow-wows to honour and learn about the Indigenous culture. Both events included Indigenous dancing and traditional food! Students from various schools, and community organizations were also able to attend and participate in the celebration throughout the week, learning about pow-wows and their important meaning.


Students at Marymount Academy showcase their best work at annual Film and Festival Gala

Marymount Academy rolled out the red carpet for students when they hosted their 6th Annual Reel Girls Short Film Showcase and Regal Awards Gala. Over 60 students on the film fest committee helped to prepare for the big event. The committee was flooded with over 65 amazing short films, entered into a variety of categories.  One of the youngest filmmakers, Stephanie, won 3 Regal Awards including Best First Film and Best Animated Film.

St. Paul School completes fun family math game night!

Students at St. Paul School participated in a Superhero Themed Family Math Night! Families gathered for a night of learning, laughter and of course math. Students loved being able to learn about math in a fun, collaborative way. Staff also fully embraced the theme, decorating classrooms and even providing a fun photo booth for families!

St. Albert students get inspired at Skills Ontario competition

St. Benedict students Cameron Howe and Carter Poirer received the gold medal in carpentry at this year’s Skills Ontario competition.
Students at St. Albert had the opportunity to attend this year’s Skills Ontario competition in Toronto. The group was able to see fellow students Cameron Howe and Carter Poirier, Aivan Apan and Anthony Sherrington compete successfully in their individual competitions. The group was very excited to see Cameron and Carter from St. Benedict Catholic Secondary school top the podium in the carpentry event and were inspired by all participants!


Young students at St. Mark School explore their environment!

St. Mark students, with teacher Mrs. Remillard and amazing parent Mrs. Finucane, enjoyed a day at Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. They completed a hike together and learned about the different types of soil and soil composition. They ended their day with a pond study! It was a great day spent outside, and students loved being able to explore the outdoor environment together.

St. John FDK students complete reading and sing-along afternoon with their families

Mrs. Slonina and Mrs. Thomson’s FDK class at St. John School participated in an afternoon of reading and singing with family members. The group loved being able to learn alongside their families in fun activities.

St. Francis presents their hard work to families through student-led portfolios

Catholic Education Week filled St. Francis school with a lot of school spirit! The school held Student-led Portfolios throughout the week where parents joined their child to talk about what they have learned throughout the school year. Afterwards, they enjoyed a snack with their family. It was a great opportunity for students to share all of the learning they accomplished this year with their families!

Get to Know Us!

Michael Bellmore serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

This month it is my pleasure to highlight the Chair of our school Board, Michael Bellmore. Mr. Bellmore was born in Sudbury and is a proud alumnus of Sudbury Catholic Schools and attended both Immaculate Conception and St. Charles College. He is the father of Miles, age 11, Grace, age 14 and a grandfather to Corey, age 6, all of whom attend our Catholic schools.

He was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2010 for a second time, having served on the Board from 1994 to 1997. Mr. Bellmore’s desire to preserve and maintain our publically funded Catholic education system inspired him to not only serve locally but to also be an advocate at the provincial level where he proudly serves as the Director at Large, Northern Ontario for the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association.

Mr. Bellmore is indeed very committed to Catholic education and is extremely supportive of all of our students and staff. He along with his colleague Trustees are very proud of Sudbury Catholic and work very hard to serve and guide the Sudbury Catholic District School Board community. Through his role as Chair of the Board, Mr. Bellmore provides leadership and direction which helps us to create the best possible system. It is my pleasure to work with such a committed Board of Trustees.

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