Sudbury Catholic District School Board
May 17, 2019

Chairperson’s Award Recipients Selected

Award Winners, Joanne, Maria and Julie stand with Chairperson Michael Bellmore.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is proud to announce the recipients of this year’s Chairperson’s Award. All three individuals embody the Board’s vision as leaders in learning and faith. They strive to support their school community in any way they can and have each helped shape the unique culture present within their schools. 

Joanne Craig is an Educational Assistant at St. Charles College. She has worked in the Care and Development, Life Skills and the Student Success classrooms. Always willing to help others in need, Joanne demonstrates genuine care and concern for all students, providing a safe and accepting environment for all. In student success, Joanne consistently finds a way to relate to students and ensures that they have the right tools that they need to be successful.  Joanne fully embraces our Catholic values, donating her own time and resources to help others in need. In addition to giving back at St. Charles College, Joanne also manages the Victoria’s Quilt group through the Holy Redeemer Parish with a goal to provide handmade quilts for those living with cancer.

Julie Denomme is a teacher at Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary Schools. Seen as a leader within the school, Julie consistently finds ways to support her students both in the classroom and outside the classroom. She encourages her students to take risks in their learning and is eager to see their progress. As a program leader, she has fully embraced the vertical classroom and team-teaching methods and continually acts as a support system and sounding board. Julie embraces faith in every aspect of her life, working diligently with the Chaplaincy Lead and students to prepare music for school masses and is actively involved in the parish.

Maria Rothensee is the receptionist at the Catholic Learning Centre. Throughout her        12 years in this position, Maria has consistently exemplified the Board’s values and vision. As the first ‘face’ and ‘voice’ that visitors see at the Catholic Learning Centre, Maria provides a welcoming and warm environment for all. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and is the first to assist in any function that occurs at the Board office. She always treats each visitor as a special guest and guides them if needed. Always the first to set out treats and decorations, Maria creates a caring and genuine environment for all that enter through the doors of the Catholic Learning Centre. She is a true blessing to our organization. 

“I am so very proud of the 2019 recipients of the Chairpersons award,” said Michael Bellmore, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “Sudbury Catholic schools are blessed to have caring, compassionate and committed staff who exemplify our mission, vision and values.  These three professionals have demonstrated through their individual actions an ability to go above and beyond for their colleagues and the students at Sudbury Catholic schools.”

This year’s award winners will be honoured on June 5, 2019 during the Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s annual Employment Recognition celebration. 

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