Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 28, 2019

Grade 4 Students to Participate in CS First Coding Program by Google

Teachers discuss the importance of technology.

To continue to encourage growth of critical and computational thinking skills, all Grade 4 students across the Sudbury Catholic District School Board are provided with the opportunity to participate in the CS First Coding Program by Google.

The CS First Coding Program that teaches coding in a fun and engaging way. The curriculum includes elements such as storytelling, art, game design, animation and much more. Teachers will be able to track class growth and progress through the online platform as students work through the hands-on and innovative activities and assignments.

To help prepare teachers for the launch of the program, a full day of professional learning was provided by Google. Teachers were shown how to access, use and implement the program. Teachers were also provided with time to plan the integration of the CS First Coding Program into their current classroom programming.

“We are very excited to offer this unique program to our Grade 4 students,” said Joanne Bénard, Director of Education. “One of our strategic pathways as a Board is to promote innovation. The CS First Coding program is an excellent way to promote innovation to both our students as well as our dedicated staff. We are excited to see students engaged in the program. The implementation of this program is the result of the hard work completed by our IT department, Learning Support Services team and the many educators who will help bring the program to life! We are thrilled to bring coding to all Grade 4 students.”

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