Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Change School Board Support to SCDSB

Steps to Change

To change the school board designation that MPAC has on file for you, please follow these steps:


You must complete and attach an Application for Direction of School Support form.

*Please see Separate School Lease Agreement.


Using mail or email, please send MPAC your application and agreement (if applicable):


MPAC will process the change to your school support designation upon receipt.

Separate School Lease Agreement

*Please Note: If you are Catholic but your joint owner or leaseholder is not, and you want to change your designation to English Separate, in addition to filling out an application you must also complete and submit a Separate School Lease Agreement. 

(This lease does not affect the ownership of the property in any way, nor will it be registered.)

Thank you for supporting Sudbury Catholic Schools!
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