Sudbury Catholic District School Board
September 14, 2023

St. David School Students Take the Lead in School Beautification Efforts

Students de-weeding and cleaning a garden bed at a school.

St. David School is proud to announce that a group of dedicated students has stepped up to lead the School Beautification Committee, embarking on a mission to enhance the school’s environment and foster a culture of responsibility and care. 

Since the start of school, young leaders have been volunteering during their lunchtime recesses to make a positive impact on their school community. Together in an inspiring display of commitment and initiative, these students have worked tirelessly to keep their school grounds clean and beautiful. Their efforts include picking up litter and debris around the school premises, as well as taking on the task of weeding and maintaining one of the school gardens.

St. David School’s administration and staff are immensely proud of these exceptional student leaders who are demonstrating their dedication to making a positive change within their school community. Their enthusiasm and selflessness serve as an example to their peers and a testament to the school’s values. Their daily efforts will help demonstrate the power of youth engagement and the potential for positive change when a group of dedicated individuals comes together to unite for a common cause. 

“The students involved in the School Beautification Committee have adopted the motto, “Be the Change You Want to See,” and are truly living it out,” say’s Dawn-Marie Wemigwans, Principal of St. David Catholic Elementary School. “Their commitment to creating a cleaner, more vibrant school environment exemplifies the spirit of leadership and community engagement that St. David School aims to cultivate in all its students.”

St. David School encourages other students, parents, and community members to join in supporting these young leaders in their beautification efforts. Together, they hope to ensure that their school remains a welcoming and inspiring place for generations to come.

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