Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 29, 2023

 St. Albert Learning Centre Celebrates Double Grad from Same Family 

Robert O’Neil and fiancé Casey Lepine each celebrated a monumental achievement this month – they both graduated from St. Albert Learning Centre! Robert and Casey achieved their Grade 12 diploma. Casey also graduated from the Personal Support Worker program. They were honoured during a graduation ceremony which took place on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, where they each served as Class Valedictorians. 

After making a commitment to bettering their education, both Robert and Casey chose St. Albert Learning Centre because of its flexible and positive learning environment and encouraging educators. St. Albert Learning Centre provides unique learning opportunities and programs for students. Students learn at their own pace and courses are facilitated by classroom teachers in a supportive and caring environment. The Personal Support Worker (PSW) program at St. Albert Learning Centre is approximately six months in length and is taught by certified staff. Upon completion of the PSW program, students will receive a certificate and pin that is recognized by health care institutions. 

Throughout their time at St. Albert, they both felt supported by all staff – from their teachers to the daycare staff at Jubilee Heritage Family Resources who helped care for their children during the day. Though not always an easy journey, both Robert and Casey look back at St. Albert Learning Centre fondly. 

“I have pushed myself harder than I thought possible to soar to new heights and open new opportunities. It honestly is never too late for education – take yourself beyond those limits you placed and become better! I want to thank the staff at St. Albert Learning Centre for being so encouraging and fostering such a positive learning environment,” said Robert O’Neil, recent St. Albert Learning Centre graduate. 

“I have had the absolute pleasure of teaching both Rob and Casey throughout their educational journey here at St. Albert Learning Centre. Through their time at our school, this couple has been a major source of inspiration to several students and staff members alike, and they have taken full advantage of many of the programs 

and courses that we have to offer! The remarkable dedication displayed by both Casey and Rob to their education and future aspirations has consistently shone through within our classrooms. We wish them both luck in the future!” said Sarah Vandermost, Teacher at St. Albert Learning Centre. 

Robert hopes to pursue a job working underground or as a conductor for the railroads. For her part, Casey is excited to begin her PSW career – she thoroughly enjoys working with her clients and hopes to make a huge impact on their lives. 

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