Sudbury Catholic District School Board
April 21, 2022

Grades 5-6 Students Learn how to Make a Social Justice Poster!

In our second Social Justice Club session, Taylor (Cambrian College Social Justice Student) led the students through an activity whereby students brainstormed various social justice issues. 

Art and culture have always played an important role in every successful movement for social change. Art can educate and inspire one’s imagination beyond the realm of what politics can do.

Students then watched Artist Activist, Favianna Rodriguez, share tips on how to create a social justice poster. 

Her suggestions:

  1. Keep it Simple. People will look at your artwork for less than 5 seconds so using 6 words or less is most effective.
  2. Use symbols from our culture and nature that people will recognize. 
  3. Create posters using collage.

Watch Favianna Rodriguez’s video here: How to Make a Social Justice Poster

Download Favianna Rodriguez’s pdfs to print out templates here: Layout Colouring Pages

Students Learn how to Make a Social Justice Poster!

Check out St. Paul’s Grade 6 student Cadence Young’s social justice poster.

My poster is about peace on earth because I see a lot of people are not in a peace mood most of the time.”

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