Sudbury Catholic District School Board
October 07, 2019

Learning Math in our Outdoor Classroom a St. David School

Two girls lay next to a stick used for measurement.

Ms. Lepage’s outdoor classroom at St. David’s learn how measuring is an important practical skill, that is frequently used to carry out real life activities such as creating their very own metre sticks in the forest!
Students created their metre sticks by estimating objects they found in the forest using various measurement benchmarks (e.g. their arm span, the width of their finger tip, the width of their hand, with their fingers stretched. Students learned that 1m is equivalent to 100 cm. They are looking forward to estimating, measuring and recording the measurements of various items the next time they take their learning outdoors.

Teaching students measurement skills doesn’t have to revolve around textbooks or solving problems on paper. Our students learn more by doing rather than listening or reading and making it apart of their daily routine. You can pique your child’s interest by engaging them with measuring real objects, making measurement a part of their adventure outdoors this winter!

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