Sudbury Catholic District School Board
October 12, 2016

Holy Cross Students Energized by Class Visit from Energy Minister

The grade 5/6 class at Holy Cross had many questions for MPP and Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault when he visited their class on October 11 to talk to them. Keen students emailed Thibeault two weeks ago with questions they had after studying electricity and energy conservation in science class. They were hoping that they would get an email response but were surprised when he offered to answer in person.

The students wanted to know about how we get electricity in Sudbury and Mr. Thibeault showed them an app called Grid Watch that shows energy consumption across the province in real time. He further elaborated that we get our electricity from a variety of sources but largely from the hydro-electric dams here in the north.

He addressed the students concerns about the safety of nuclear energy by explaining the many safety features he had seen in person at the power plants in southern Ontario. Many of the students are Simpsons fans and were relieved to hear that the plants we have do not resemble where Homer Simpson works at all.

There were further questions about what Members of Provincial Parliament do and what the responsibilities of and Energy Minister entail, prompting graded 5 student Woodrow Crowder to ask Thibeault how he manages such a large workload. Thibeault explained that he has many hard-working employees on his staff and that it takes a team to accomplish great things.

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