Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 02, 2016

Buddy Bench at Pius XII

The staff and students at Pius XII school are very excited to introduce ‘The Buddy Bench’! The Buddy Bench is the latest addition to our school yard in an effort to promote inclusion. If a student is feeling like they have nobody to play with, or their best friend isn’t at school one day and they are in need of a buddy, they simply can sit at the Buddy Bench; other students will see someone sitting alone at the bench and they will go over to keep that student company, talk with him or her, or invite the buddy to play. Our Pius Penguins are a kind and compassionate school family. The Buddy Bench is one more way that we live out our vision of ‘Everyone Succeeds, Everyone Counts!’

The Buddy Bench was hand-crafted by Educational Assistant Derek Zaher.

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