Sudbury Catholic District School Board
March 08, 2016

St. Charles Elementary FDK FI Students Have an ‘Amazingly Delicious’ Field Trip at Topper’s Pizza in Chelmsford

In Mme Wissell and Mme Huneault’s FDK FI class, St. Charles Catholic Elementary School students have been doing an inquiry about pizza for the last few weeks. They have been writing menus, ordering sizes from small, medium and large and counting slices. At the art centre, students painted pizzas and decorated pizza boxes. In the dramatic play centre, students created their own pizzeria, where they took orders and filled the order by building pizzas using ‘dough’.
To culminate this inquiry, students went on a field trip to Topper’s Pizza in Chelmsford, where they learned how real pizza is made! Students made their own pizzas and were fascinated as they watched the pizzas they created go into the oven on one side and come out ‘amazingly delicious’ on the other side!

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