Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 12, 2015

St. David Catholic School; Lest We Forget

St. David Catholic Elementary School staff and students remembered the brave men and women who have given their lives for freedom around the world. Deacon Roland Muzzatti led the school in a prayer service celebrating the precious gift of peace. Deacon Muzzatti spoke about everyone’s responsibility for ensuring peace exists in our everyday lives. He engaged in a school wide conversation about peace and real world, kid friendly ways students can promote peace in their everyday lives. The school prayed for those families personally affected by war and those who have family members currently serving in the military. The students learned that they all have the power to be peacemakers in their lives and that they can be role models and leaders in their community.

Louis Mailloux, St. David School Core French teacher stated that, “Today’s celebration was a powerful remembrance of how important it is for people to be reflective and take time to honour those who have died for our freedom. Students need direct instruction on our history as nation and the sacrifices that have been made by previous generations. Deacon Muzzatti spoke eloquently about the importance of peace in our world and the importance of prayer to our community”.

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