Sudbury Catholic District School Board
October 22, 2015

“Game-On” SCDSB Students Learn Equity and 5-Sided Soccer

On Wednesday October 21st representatives from The Ontario Soccer Association and The Ontario Blind Sports Association visited both St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School and St. James Catholic Elementary School to deliver a clinic on 5-sided football. 5-sided football is actually 5-sided soccer. It is the game of soccer adapted for the blind and partially sighted. Sudbury Catholic Specialist Teacher of the blind & partially sighted Adriano Simonato made the arrangements for this interactive presentation as he want to provide an opportunity for the visually impaired students as well as the sighted students to learn this sport. “It is another opportunity to narrow that gap between the sighted and visually impaired, increase empathy, and again, focus attention on what a visually impaired person can do,” explained Simonato. “It also simply reinforces the fact that virtually all sports can be inclusive and an opportunity for the visually impaired and the sighted to play the same sport at the same time…together!” The event took place at two venues where there are visually impaired students – St. Benedict high school (morning session) and St. James elementary school (afternoon session).
St. James principal Cara Soehner was thrilled that this opportunity was provided to her students. “At Sudbury Catholic Schools, we have a real focus on equity and inclusivity for students and staff,” Soehner explained. “Having our students, as well as some of our secondary students learn about 5-sided soccer is a great example of this focus. Learning about adaptation of this sport enables our students to recognize the importance of equity in our communities.”

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