Sudbury Catholic District School Board
February 20, 2015

St. David School Students Inspired to “bookitforward”

St. David Catholic School students have challenged themselves and their families to share books and encourage all those around them to appreciate and better understand the knowledge and power that comes with reading. Inspired by the notion that we can change the world by sharing stories that matter, Ms. Lepage’s grade 3/4 class has called on their school community and the Greater Sudbury community to think of books that have inspired them and “book it forward”.

On Valentine’s Day, students hoped to get 100 people to gift a book that they love! Why? Because books are full of ideas, and ideas change things! Families were encouraged to share their pictures online with the hash-tag #bookitforwardstdavid

“What a wonderful, simple and inspiring idea”, stated Kacey Boulrice, school Educational Assistant and support staff that works with Ms. Lepage’s grade 3/4 class. “The students are excited about reading and more importantly they are excited about sharing books they love. The students are very intrigued by the idea that their peers are making decisions based on their reading recommendations. It is a wonderful thing to see students empowered and truly interested in sharing their ideas on books and reading for enjoyment”.

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