Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 16, 2014

Family Fun Math Night at St. John

Families were invited to join staff and students on June 11 at St. John Catholic Elementary School for an evening of Mathematical Games that were practical, relevant and help develop a positive attitude towards the Math Curriculum. In an information and technology-based society, math skills are essential and this is taught through the Ontario Math Curriculum.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board Numeracy Facilitator, Kathy Belanger, hosted and presented a fun Math Games Night showing that through ‘Math Games’ children have the potential to learn Math, be more focused and increase their Math retention.

Some of the skills that Math Games promote are:

□ Problem-solving Skills
□ Organizing Information
□ Development of Hand-Eye coordination
□ Concentration Levels
□ Memory, and their ability to communicate and use Mathematical language

Families had lots of fun, and they left with Math goodie bags filled with a dominoe set, pack of cards, dice, Parent pamphlet, and a list of games.

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