Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 28, 2013

A ‘Different” Movember at Holy Cross

During the month of November, several of Holy Cross teacher Tania Fay’s grade 2 students asked why they were seeing so many men with moustaches, and what the term Movember meant. Fay thought this would be a great learning opportunity for her students to discuss the importance of community initiatives. As the school often has different fundraisers throughout the year, several for cancer organizations, the class talked about how important it is to makes those in their own community happy by always trying to be supportive however they can. This discussion led to their own Movember initiative. Fay asked students in the grade three class to help the grade two students write stories about how they all suddenly grew moustaches. On Thursday, November 28, the two classes got together and shared their stories with each other – all while touting their own Movember ‘staches. “It was a great teaching opportunity that I couldn’t pass up,” explained Fay. “Our students are so observant of the world around them – and when they began noticing many moustaches sprouting on their dads’ faces, we were able to turn that into a fun discussion, a peer-to peer learning moment and a great way to show them the important of giving back and supporting one’s own community!”

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