Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 25, 2013

Learning About Setting Goals and Self-Esteem at Pius XII

Pius XII Catholic Elementary School was honoured to have Amber Konikow talk to the students about smart goals, self-esteem and motivation. The students learned about practice, being prepared, hard work, and dedication. Amber spoke about her difficult times in school and how she was picked on, however, having the support of close friends, family and teachers allowed her to make the right choices in her life. She reminded students that people will always remember you for your kindness, friendship and support – and that is what is important and how we should act with one another.
Amber Konikow is a registered nurse, endurance runner, Olympic style boxer, stunt actor,membero fhte Canadian Esteem Team and motivational speaker. She has been nominated for the Premier award under the Health and Sciences category for Ontario. Amber is also the 2011 winner of the 40 under 40 ward.

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