Sudbury Catholic District School Board
September 24, 2013

“Egg-citing” Learning Happening at Holy Cross

Grade 2/3 Holy Cross Catholic Elementary students in teacher Shanna Whalen’s class were given an “egg-citing” experiment. As the class has been discussing gravity and how it affects solids, liquids and gases, the students were given the challenge of protecting eggs from the strong force of gravity. On Wednesday, September 18th, as part of their study on Forces and Movement and Properties of Liquids and Solids, the students were given a variety of materials, as well as bringing in some from home, and their mission was to protect their eggs from breaking when dropped from a high level. According to Whalen, the students were quite creative with their projects as some used grocery bags as parachutes and covered their eggs with sponge. Nine out of the eleven launched eggs survived their fall, but the best part is that none of the class ended up with “egg on their face” and all had a great time learning about gravity!

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