Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 24, 2013

Good Will is “Blooming” at Pius XII

Usually at the end of the school year, classes are winding down, and students are getting ready for summer vacation. Not so in the grade 6 class at Pius XII Catholic Elementary School. For the last week, the class has been quite busy organizing and packing over 114 boxes set to be delivered to Genevra House.

For student Grace Tilbury, learning about inspiring people like Craig Keilburger over the past few months, sparked an idea that she really wanted to make a difference too. After some research, and knowing that she really wanted to focus on helping women and children, Tilbury asked her friend Abigail MacDonald if she would like to help her out with an idea that she had. The two girls decided on creating “Bloomability Boxes” to donate to Genevra House. The boxes would contain basic toiletry items that the women and children would need at the shelter as many of them arrive with absolutely nothing. The term “bloomability” was inspired from a book with the same name that Grace had read. One of the characters is learning English, and connects the word bloomability with the word possibility. Grace liked this idea as she thought that the boxes would give these women and children some new possibilities in life.

After approaching her teacher Wendy Morin, the girls the girls got the go-ahead and recruited the rest of the class to begin collecting items and money donations. A letter was drafted by the girls and sent home and items began to come in. Word spread with the other teachers and classes at the school, and pretty soon the entire school was on-board. As a result, the girls had enough items to put together over 114 boxes to donate.
“Our original goal for the class was to get enough items for 14 boxes,” explained Tilbury. “Many of our friends gave up their free class time and computer time to help us out with this project. We are completely overwhelmed by the generosity of our classmates, our teacher, the other students, staff, our families and the Pius XII community!”

Teacher Wendy Morin is extremely proud of her students saying, “These two girls have inspired an entire school. They have worked extremely hard on this project and I am very proud of their commitment and determination with this social justice initiative!”

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