Sudbury Catholic District School Board
April 22, 2013

St. David School is now Idle Free

On Earth Day 2013, the students and staff of St. David Catholic School launched an “Idle-Free Campaign” in partnership with the Earth Care Sudbury. An idle free school is one where all non-moving vehicles on school property do not have their engines running. Parents waiting for their children will keep their engines off. Studies by Health Canada and community health departments show a direct, significant link between air pollution and respiratory health. When a vehicle is idling it releases more carbon dioxide than when it is moving.

St. David School, with support from Jennifer Babin-Fenske, Earth Care Sudbury, thought it appropriate to launch the Idle -Free Campaign on April 22 – Earth Day. The school’s student led Green Team discussed the importance of having an idle free area by their school as well as other earth day campaigns active in the school community. According to grade 3 student, Alyssa Gasper, “the pollution from cars affect the plants and animals and our health in negative ways”.

Megan Murphy, school vice principal assisted the students in posting Idle-Free signs and banners throughout the school. “Our students are genuinely concerned and active in caring for our environment not only on Earth Day, but throughout the year. Our students are passionate about educating their peers and family members about the importance of being environmentally conscious.”

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