Sudbury Catholic District School Board
April 22, 2013

Hopping into Full Day Kindergarten at St. Anne Catholic School

When the Full Day Kindergarten students from St. Anne Catholic Elementary School returned after the Christmas Break, their teacher Lois Lambert asked, “What type of center should we have in our class?” The FDK students replied, “A Vet Centre”. While the students were engaged in discussion at the Veterinarian Centre, they were talking about adult animals and baby animals. A question was raised from the students, “If an animal has a baby, does it look like its mommy or daddy?” The class looked at the life cycles of various animals. However, they were most interested in the life cycle of a rabbit. The FDK students took this inquiry to life by bringing in a pregnant rabbit. Everyone waited patiently for the pregnancy, which lasted 31 days. Then on February 11, 2013 the bunnies arrived! The students welcomed 4 baby bunnies (a litter of bunnies is called a kit) and now help take care of them. “I love to read stories to the bunnies,” said Kenadie Dixon, a year 2 FDK student. This experience has been an on-going learning adventure. All of the babies that have grown in the classroom will be joining their new families just in time for Easter.

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