Sudbury Catholic District School Board
April 15, 2013

Franco-Fun Music at St. Anne Catholic School

On March 20, 2013, students at St. Anne Catholic Elementary School participated in Franco Fun Day. On this day, the students were able to recognize and celebrate French-Canadian culture in a fun and educational way. The school joined together by wearing green and white, the colour of the French-Ontarian flag. The students had an entertaining French concert put on for them by Roland Bibeau. The concert was full of fast-paced, youth-friendly French music. The students had a wonderful time dancing and singing along with all of the catchy songs. The classes also participated in many French games and puzzles and made their very own flags to celebrate Franco Fun Day. Afterwards, there were bracelets and buttons passed around to all of the students to remember the great time they had. Students said the day was “fun and entertaining” and they “had a very good time!”

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