Sudbury Catholic District School Board
March 22, 2013

Sudbury Catholic Schools Celebrate Franco-Fun Day

On March 20, all Sudbury Catholic Schools took part in Franco-Fun Day activities. Franco-Fun day is a day dedicated to celebrating French language and culture. Whether it be French Immersion or core French students, each school set up a variety of activities to honour French language for all the classes. Staff put a great deal of time and effort into planning the events, and the students had an outstanding time learning new words and taking part in all of the activities, some of which included French concerts, cooking French foods, French-themed playdays, and sport activities instructed in French, etc. Lianne Perreault Raymond, a curriculum consultant for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board who was responsible for the coordination of the Franco-Fun Day activities, was thrilled with the efforts made by all the schools to embrace French culture and language on Franco-Fun day. “What an outstanding effort by our schools and staff,” Perreault-Raymond stated. “They have really outdone themselves, as they do every year, by making this year’s Franco-Fun day truly a day that honours and celebrates the Francophone culture in our community. From cooking crepes to singing French songs, I am very proud of everyone’s contribution to making this year’s Franco-fun day such a success!”
Catherine McCullough, Director of Education for the board echoed Perreault-Raymond’s comments. “Our staff has once again done an outstanding job for our students through their Franco-Fun day activities and celebrations. We recognize the importance of supporting French language skills, and know that our Board’s French Immersion programming is such a success because it is supported throughout our system.”

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