Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 06, 2012

Water Walk at Holy Cross

On Friday, November 2, Holy Cross teacher Shanna Whalen’s Grade 3/4 class and teacher Eva Scola’s Grade 3 class, set off to obtain some understanding of how difficult it is for those living in Africa. They took with them their water bottles, one huge jug, and a jerry can, to collect water from the water filling station on Countryside. Both classes have been learning about the poor water conditions in Africa, and how children there need to walk for 2 hours and 10 000 steps to get water- dirty water. Upon arriving at our destination, Ms. Scola lead the students in a water prayer, a prayer for those who do not have the wonderful, clean water that we do, and usually take for granted. On the way back to the school, the students took turns carrying the heavy containers of water. The two classes have been introduced to Ryan’s Well, and have been given the task of educating the whole school about the water conditions in Africa and how we can make a difference. They want to make others realize that they can be kids and think about Africa too.

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