Sudbury Catholic District School Board
October 16, 2012

Fire Prevention Week Recognized by St.Francis Flames

St. Francis students from teachers Graziella Visentin and Sandra Narduzzi’s class have been learning about fire safety this month. The annual Fire Prevention Week was also recognized between October 7th and 13th with an elaborate display at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre court area. On Thursday, October 11, the grade 3 & 4 students from St.Francis School took part in a trivia game that many are familiar with from television entitled, Jeopardy. However, the theme revolved around fire safety and prevention as it was hosted by the Sudbury Fire Department at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre. The game show host was not Alex Trebek, but rather he was replaced by a local fire fighter hosting the game. The game was renamed, Fire Jeopardy. Participants of the game were the grade 3 and 4 St. Francis Flames competing againstt another local school. Students were quizzed on various questions about fire safety in a fun and entertaining way. The excitement could be heard throughout the mall as shoppers stopped to observe and store clerks came to check out the excitement. The event concluded with a class photo in front of an antique fire truck and questions for fire fighters to answer. Students left the event ready to plan fire emergency exits in their homes with family members. They were also well informed about preventing fire hazards from happening in their own homes.

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