Sudbury Catholic District School Board
September 20, 2012

“Peace and Respect” at St. John

The entire student body at St. John Catholic Elementary was treated to a live, interactive performance on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012. Musical entertainer, Errol Lee performed for the primary, junior and intermediate students to spread his message of peace and respect. Entitled “Building Positive Relationships” this interactive muliti-media performance had the students, singing, dancing, signing to Lee’s songs about the importance of respect and peace for themselves and others. Phrases like “the pathway to peace is respect”, “behaviour is a choice”, and “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” were repeated by the students as Lee encouraged them, through song, to like themselves and understand the significance of these words. Accompanied by a skilled breakdancer, Lee’s performance engaged the students and had them completely involved with the movement and lyrics. Carmela Pitman, princpal of St. John was thrilled to have Lee perform for the school. “Students respond well to music – especially when it incorporates such a strong and positive message,” Pitman said. “We have had Errol at many of the Sudbury Catholic Schools for several years because the students thoroughly enjoy his music and most especially his positive message.” Lee feels that what sets him apart from other performers is that he believes “positivity is for people what water and sunshine are to flowers. It nurtures, it enriches, it feeds, it generates growth.” As well as the morning performances, Lee also held workshops about respect, positivity and peace for students in the afternoon.

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