Sudbury Catholic District School Board
May 02, 2012

Angel’s Help Feed Families

Recently, the grade 7 and 8 students at St Anne Catholic School in Hanmer had the opportunity to listen to guest speaker Tammy Durand, founder of ABC’s and Rice. Students were informed that education across the globe is not the same, especially in third world countries such as Cambodia. Throughout the presentation, Sudbury Catholic District School Board students learned that the needs of those in third world countries are much different than the needs of those in Canada. Education is not a right in Cambodia, but rather a privilege that not all children are lucky enough to obtain.
ABC’s and Rice is breaking the mould in Cambodia, through the selfless acts of Tammy Durand, and making education available to children in a special way. If families allow their children to attend school rather than work, the children will be given rice and other necessities to bring home to their families. ABC’s and Rice is hoping to break the cycle of poverty through education of Cambodia’s youth.
Approximately 130 students had the opportunity to hear Durand speak about the program that captured their attention throughout the one hour presentation. Tammy Durand explained to students that they can do anything that they set their minds too. What started as an adventure tour for her turned into a whole new chapter of charity work that has fulfilled her more than anything she has ever experienced.
In true Angel spirit, the St Anne students donated $175.00 to ABC’s and Rice. This money will go towards feeding approximately 9 families with rice for one month. “This was a great experience for our students at St.Anne school. Tammy and I went to elementary school together. She is a true inspiration. I wanted these students to understand that she was no different than them. She sat in similar classrooms that they are sitting in, although she decided to make a difference in the lives of others, ” said Jody O’Daiskey, grade 8 teacher at St Anne school.
Carli Meeks and Alyssa Menard are two of the students that had the opportunity to listen to Durand’s powerful presentation. “I though it was interesting that a girl from our area basically saved those children’s lives from the working conditions, lack of education and food deprivation,” said Carli Meeks, grade 8 student at St. Anne Catholic School. “If you put your mind to it, you can do anything,” said Alyssa Menard, another grade 8 student at St. Anne Catholic School. This was the message that echoed loud and clear throughout her discussions with St. Anne Students.
Tammy Durand is a former student of the Sudbury Catholic District school board. She now lives in Cambodia where she teaches, feeds, and organizes the programs for ABC’s and Rice.

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