Sudbury Catholic District School Board
March 22, 2012

Angels Donate to a Good Cause

On March 8, Danielle Long, a student from St. Anne School in Hanmer, finally reached her goal. She cut off her 14 inch braid to donate to the “Angel Hair for Kids”. Danielle is a grade 6 student at St. Anne School. She has been working towards this hair donation goal for approximately a year and a half. This will be Danielle’s third time donating her hair to this amazing cause. She was inspired to do this when a family friend passed away from cancer. “It felt good to do this today,” said Danielle. “It’s fun to do. It is nice to give someone my hair for them to feel good about themselves.”
Makayla Bertrand, a grade one student from St. Anne School is also ready to take on this challenge. Makayla has been growing her hair for about 2 years to make sure she has enough hair to donate. She is planning on donating approximately 10 inches of hair in May, Cancer Awareness month. Makayla was inspired by her mom, Melissa Bertrand who donated her hair to this cause 8 years ago.
All of their hair will be sent to A Child’s Voice Foundation, “Angel Hair for Kids”. Angel Hair for Kids is a program that provides wigs and hair loss solutions to financially disadvantaged children in Canada who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or treatment. Using hair that is generously donated to the program, the foundation can create wigs and hair systems and provide them at no cost to the child’s family. It takes 10-12 donated ponytails to make one hair prosthesis and $800 to $1000 is budgeted by the foundation to cover manufacturing and related costs.

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