Sudbury Catholic District School Board
February 13, 2012

St. Bernadette Celebrates 100 Days of School

The students in the Grade 2 class at St. Bernadette Catholic School sported crowns on Friday, February 10, in honour of the 100th day of school. Superintendent Rossella Bagnato visited the students during their 100th day math lesson where students were able to use one of the new document cameras to interactively work through fun-filled math activities involving the number 100. The entire day was filled with a host of celebratory 100th day activities such as doing jumping jacks, skipping and hula hoop fun each for 100 seconds at a time!
“It was a very exciting way to tie in all of our learning successes to date with the 100th day of school!” stated teacher Jenny Aubin. “The students were enthusiastic and they are eagerly looking forward to the next 100 days of school”.

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